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Cool! Not at all what I was aiming to make, but that's so cool that it's useful for that! 😊❤️

This game is fantastic. I think I may hack this for use with individual academic papers.

This is such a hot small game. I'm really enjoying the tension in whether or not to draw again. Mmmmmm...


yeah sure! Use it how you like 😊

That while we silo them off socially, and that although there is excellent utility for some in doing so, platonic sensuality and sexuality are less a venn diagram with some overlap and more a fuzzy territory that is one space that we individually and socially draw lines on that suit us. 

That intimate contact is most inclusive and accessible when it doesn't follow a social script (overt or covert), and instead has a core value of curiosity about the body you have and the body or bodies you're touching.

That trans, queer, and disabled people are valid and are sensual and sexual just the same as cis, straight, and abled bodies are, and that viewing contact with a new person as an endeavor in creativity reinforces that validity and undermines power structures.

That caring for your fictional characters and caring for yourself are, like sensuality and sexuality, actually the same territory that we draw lines of hard separation upon, and that those lines are worth challenging.

Turns out that I have a lot to say when writing a little game about fucking creatures from beyond the stars.

Hey friends! I'm Bronwyn Friesen and inasmuch as I have a game design label I'm calling it La Petite Mort (@lapetitemort). I'm a queer disabled trans woman/enby settler living on stolen land on Turtle Island in the colonial state of Canada. 

My first publicly available game design is Hot Alien Sex (available on DTRPG, probably here soon too though), a game about, well, what it says on the tin, but with a hard emphasis on consent, curiosity, and teaching relational respect. It's also sorta my manifesto on queer/trans/disabled sex. 

I'm also currently working on a LARP tentatively named either "Fucking Steve" or " :eggplant: :eyeroll: ", still figuring that out, about the experiences of queer feminized people when touch- and intimacy-starved in a less-than-idea dating pool hooking up with virtue signalling cishet dudes who just won't stop saying shitty problematic things, more and more over time. 

I've also written games for specific audiences, like "First Look," a game about the first moment of intense connection, "Baby Blues", a love letter to a friend who was having troubles reconciling their nonbinary identity and dysphoria with the desire to be pregnant, and "The Crash", a LARP about the moments between life and death and forming connection with the strangers you see every day. 

I've done a fair amount of design consultation in the past, some developmental editing and copy editing, and supportive emotional work. I'm excited to be a part of the community here. 

Facebook: /TildeSee
Twitter: @SexyFemmby and @Petitemort_ca 

Cheers friends!