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Nope! Never even heard of it.

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I decided to make my own system because none of the existing ones were what I personally wanted in a system. Simplistic (to a degree) mechanics, "grounded" combat that's dangerous and messy, focus on creative problem solving instead of just combat/etc, able to be used in any genre.

A lot of the challenges I encountered were when I was in relatively unexplored waters in terms of game mechanics. I'm not doing anything too out there, but it can be a bit of a hassle trying to figure out how well it all works together. 

Perhaps both a challenge and an advantage, trying to create a system that was simple but also very grounded, Very minimalist "simulationist". Creating mechanics that were "realistic" was a bit hard, but also easy in the sense that I wasn't trying to create anything over the top, just find the best way to mimic real world rules.


I'm Martin (he/him), I am currently working on a TTRPG System that can support tons of genres, the first of which is an expansive scifi setting that I am writing. Main themes for the system are "immersion", putting you in another world entirely.

Mechanics are designed with the goal of encouraging creative problem solving, which means that the mechanics tend to "mimic" real world rules. Combat hurts, fighting hurts, you have to choose your path carefully. Fighting a guy in full armor, when you just have a wooden broom, is going to be hard.

I am going to be releasing this system along with the scifi setting this summer, and will be revealing the name and art of the system over the next few months on my twitter (@MartinDubu).