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These are great, thanks for emphasizing those certain points. I think it's helpful information for everyone to keep in mind!

Hello everyone! It's been a bit quiet lately but I assure you I've been working on getting Rebirth by Destruction updated. I'm currently working on getting more assets ready for the asset pack. I thought I'd share a bit of my process here.

The above image is a sample of my work on the Elite 'Bombardier Station', which I'll probably rename to something more along the lines of 'Missile Battery.' (Yes, I still have some clean up to do)

I added in a player mech so you can see the size  in comparison. Not all elites are this big, but I think it adds a bit to the drama when you enter an elite battle.

 I started by developing the base of the missile battery, and then I created my outline for the missle pods. I then color each part separately, and then I add them together for the final mockup. 

Because everything is drawn in isometric, I create 4 different assets- a NE facing mech, a NW facing mech, a SW facing mech, and a SE facing mech. SE can be flipped to make the SW mech, but the North facing mech assets must be recreated from scratch. This 'backside' work is probably the most difficult part of creating isometric assets, as you have to interpret your prior work to create the turned asset.

Definitely the biggest amount of work right now is the enemy and elite assets. It's a lot of creative work, as I have to create each little enemy with its own pixel art. Once the movable assets are complete, I just need to finish the city map assets (the tiles), and everything should be good to go for the asset pack.


Battle map tiles: Simple flat city tiles created (FINISHED for v.1.0)
City map tiles: IN PROGRESS
Player mechs: COMPLETED (with alternate colors)
Enemy Mechs: IN PROGRESS
Elite Mechs: IN PROGRESS
Boss Setups: Not started
City Map Tokens: COMPLETED (DM tokens for identifying what the encounters are to players)

That's it for now, more to come!

Hello everyone!

I took a well deserved day off from the madness that was Rebirth by Destruction. I'm looking forward to taking some time this week to polish it up. As it gets to a more completed state, I plan on bumping the suggested price to 5 bucks. I will also sell an asset pack for the game that includes mechs, tiles, etc. In isometric format. 

So, my goals for the week are as follows:

-Polish and clean up some of the sloppy formatting and inconsistencies.

-hyperlink pages when I reference a table, etc.

-draft up the city tile assets and show them off

In future weeks, I'd like to work more on playtesting battles. In addition, the skill challenge encounters are a bit wonky and not very detailed. I'd like to revisit that system when I have time. If nothing else, expand the difficulty settings for the different regions. I'd also like to be more clear on enemy counts for more than 1-2 players.

As always, if you have feedback, I would love to hear it. 



Great news everyone, I finished the 22 page PDF of my game instructions and submitted them to the Roll To Craft gamejam 3 hours ahead of time.

There's a lot of little formatting errors/issues, but I wanted to get the basic concept out and submitted.


I will continue working on this, now that there is a draft of the game rules. Things I plan to work on:

  • Pixel assets to support the rulebook, including isometric maps and mech tokens (half done with this)
  • Enemy Balance Issues (as reported by players)
  • Cleaning up the formatting
  • Making a print friendly B&W version
  • Additional clarifications/fleshing out of rules as needed. 
  • More flair/cool stuff to look at in the rulebook.

Once I get it into a more polished state and have assets for it, I'll keep the PDF free but will ask $5 for the game assets. They'll primarily be used for virtual table tops (like Roll20), but I'm not stopping anyone from crafting maps and printing them out for a real table top session!

Thank you for your support!


Heyo everyone!

I've made significant progress on the PDF this weekend, but I've got a bit more to go. Goal is to have a playable PDF by tonight.

So far, I've added in more instructions in the PDF for the Game Master on how to start the game and set up the map. For today, I'm going to set up a page on running combat and skill encounters. Last, I'll add in all the enemy tables and the 'final encounter' tables and we should be in a rough, but releasable spot for the gamejam.

I have some pixel assets created for the game, which really shouldn't take me more than a day to finalize. I'm hoping to get to those by Monday/Tuesday as I polish everything up.

To think I've only been working on this for less than two weeks!  The image below is one of the pages guiding people through the mech sheet and mech creation.

Today, I went right into layout and design for the PDF. No beating around the bush now, just gotta grind to get it done.

-Cover, credits, player quick ref, GM quick ref, mech creation pages finished today. 

-Additional tables were fleshed out today, including game objectives/final encounter missions, loot tables

Tomorrow, my goal is to get the final bits of the character sheet explained, followed by city map turns and combat. I'm also going to start adding the pages of loot tables which need to go in to make the game functional. 

Extra pixel assets for gameplay are considered bonus, so they'll be added once the PDF is complete. Hoping I have time to flesh them out on Sunday, but it's gonna be tight! Wish me luck!

Unfortunately, my life has been extremely busy the last two days and I haven't been able to put in as much work as I wanted to. However, I made some more progress (which is good)! 

Yesterday, I fleshed out some more tables. Specifically, I built the Rebirth tables. So, when your mech dies in combat, you have a special ability called rebirth. The mech's power core pulls materials from the environment to rebuild itself. In the process, it changes the attributes of your mechs. Basically, you roll on a table to determine two positive enhancements and one negative enhancement.

These tables are built, although I may tweak them. Right now, they only award attribute changes, but I may add in special abilities. Not quite sure about that yet, might be something to change post gamejam.

The biggest project I've been working on today is getting the actual guide typed up. I'm basically going step by step through the contents and filling everything out. Making good progress, and I'm hoping to get a rough draft finished by tomorrow (Friday). That leaves me with layout and tables for Saturday, followed by pixel art to finish everything up on Sunday. I'll continue to add to it post-gamejam as I'm not sure when it'll get played by the Roll to Breathe podcast.

It's also not gone through much playtesting, so when feedback comes in on the battles and tables I'll make some adjustments to make the game more playable.

Hello everyone!

I've made some progress today on Rebirth by Destruction! Some progress notes:

-Played around with the tile size of the battle map. Current goal is to have a 32x64 'pixel' city map, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to extend the amount of detail to the battle maps (which adds considerable work). Two rough drafts of battle map size in relation to the mechs (which are 32x32 pixels):


With a little bit of Twitter feedback today (although the poll is going through tomorrow), I think it's safe to assume the larger mech/smaller tile size is probably the best way to go as far as 1) overall feel of mech size, and 2) reduced work load (64 pixel map tiles are 4x the pixels of 32 pixel tiles).

The great news is, with roads and basic colored tiles, simple battle maps are basically complete. The goal is to have 20x20 battle maps ready for the end of the jam. Players would roll 2d20 to determine their location on the 20x20 grid battle map.

In the future, it'd really be fun to work in buildings and freeways as obstacles that could be demolished or knocked over to encourage more gameplay depth. 


So, each enemy mech basically needs to have stats the GM manages during battle. There are also three enemy difficulty levels as players move deeper into the city. So, I need to generate stats for different enemies.

The good news is I've already playtested out a limited amount of enemy mechs in battle for the lowest difficulty level areas. I also have a couple of elite enemies designed for low level encounters as well. The next part will be to design and stat the enemies for medium and high difficulty levels. Once that's done, I'll have battle encounter tables and enemy stat boxes ready to go for Rebirth by Destruction.


One of the ways characters improve their mechs is through the use of additional gear. Gear is either dropped via loot tables after an encounter, or bought at a shop. Mechs can currently equip four gear slots, which allows a lot of interesting flexibility. Considering the types of enhancements, there's plenty of room for abusing the system (20% evade rate gear x4 is an 80% evade rate for enemy attacks), although the abuse would be very rare and depend highly on weighted loot tables.

I've basically finished all the gear tables, and am adding in a couple of special weapons/special gear which affect the game in different ways. You can have one special weapon/gear slot on your mech that enhances your combat/game abilities (things like cluster bombs or identifying encounters on tiles before you choose where to move).

As you may or may not know, the game takes place generally on two tiled maps- a city overlay where you move one tile a turn, and a 20x20 combat map where you fight other mechs.

However, when I was designing the game concept, I didn't want it to just be- "Move 1 tile, enter combat. Move 1 tile, enter combat." So, I decided to add a little more flair to each tile's encounters. So, when you move in any direction on the city map into an undiscovered tile, you have the chance of running into four types of events:

  • Regular combat - your normal mech infantry, etc.
  • Elite combat - Your special combat encounters or tough mini-bosses
  • Skill challenge - You pit your mech's skills against a turn based challenge. Roll well and you gain an advantage in the game. Roll poorly, and the skill challenge hampers your progress.
  • Civilian/shops - Although rare, civilians or shops might be in a particular city tile, where you can rest and purchase more gear.

Looking forward to sharing more as the week goes on!

Hello everyone! I'm on my last week of developing Rebirth by Destruction for the Roll To Craft Tabletop Jam. I've actually only been working on this bad boy for a week or so, but I should be able to have a working edition by Sunday.


-Player quick play guide- DONE
-Game Master quick play guide- DONE
-Character/Mech Sheet- DONE
-Basic Map Assets- IN PROGRESS
-Mech Tokens- IN PROGRESS
-Full PDF- Final draft not started yet
-Rollable Tables- IN PROGRESS Page- Created, needs additional screenshots

That's a really interesting idea, and I love how both suggestions are kind of a part of the story even though one is selected. Dreamlike, like you said, or the idea of seeing multiple paths in your future and choosing one. Really cool!

That's great, thanks! That seems really well suited for single player narrative in particular too! (Which is what I'm currently thinking about for one of next month's game jams)

Thanks, there's definitely some cool ideas in this.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing! 

Hello everyone!

I've been looking to branch out into a variety of different ttrpg formats, and I'd like to explore a bit more about how narrative games work. I've looked a bit at Takuma Okada's work, and I'm hoping to explore DC's mech narrative game soon. However, I was curious to see if people would like to share some of the mechanics to how narrative games work.

From my limited understanding, I've identified some of the following concepts: 

  • Giving the player creative freedom to describe a situation or scene using certain prompts (This is an animal, what animal do you see?
  • Branched narrative giving players different stories based on their choices (choose your own adventure)
  • Using blanks to help generate an interesting and unexpected story (ala MadLibs)
  • Using blanks or a question sheet to create re-occurring themes or people (insert name of best friend, which is then pulled into the narrative at a certain point)
  • Using dice or rollable tables to determine a specific random outcome the player reacts to
  • Structuring narrative using specific framing, such as through mission reports, a personal journal, as a news reporter, etc.
  • Narrative may be open ended in nature or have an ending. (Explore the themes as long as you want v. you finished the story)

Let me know if you have other thoughts or ideas on how narrative games work, I'd love to hear them!

I also tend to be very broad in the sense that I like creating a lot of different types of things, so whatever makes you happy tends to be the best choice! Glad to see you in the community!

DC was recently on the RPG Design Friends podcast to discuss pricing, you might be interested to check it out!

Love your art style! Your use of color is really nice!

Totally agree! Having other creatives around really helps me to come up with new ideas and bounce ideas off others.

Thanks for modding! Your tavern project sounds really cool, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

Your project sounds fun, looking forward to seeing you in the community!

Your new project sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing your stuff!

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you all bring a lot of great experience others would love to hear from!

I hope it treats you well! In my experience, the community here is more willing to pay you for what you're worth, so don't undersell yourself! Looking forward to your work.

Your web comic is beautiful, looking forward to reading more!

Don't feel too nervous, there's a lot of great people who are willing to help and make connections!

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Hello everyone! I thought this might be a great thread to start because as a creator I'm always looking to make new connections and talk about projects/collaboration. And if you're not a creator, it'd be cool to hear what draws you to ttrpgs and what you like playing!

My TTRPG experience started when I got thrown into a 2E DnD campaign when I was in college 15? years ago, and ever since I've been really interested in the area, mostly as a player and sometimes DM. 

Looking to explore more of the creative space in TTRPGs, I started creating pixel art projects for Roll20 and for Hex Kit two years ago. Lately, I've been exploring more independent creation of TTRPG content, mostly DnD 5E. I've been challenging myself to stretch out into traditional illustration, layout, and writing. 

Mostly, I'm excited to learn from others and make sweet TTRPG content!

On a more personal note, I live in the Pacific NW, I'm a vegetarian Hindu, and I love cooking. I love reading and comics, and basically would die if I'm not creating stuff. (He/Him)

You can find me on:
Twitter: @Zeshio
Discord: Zeshio #9351

I'm always up for chatting or helping other creatives out. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

Looking forward to watching this grow and it looks like we have some great mods selected!

Thanks, it looks like it might have been issues with my spam. Never had itch stuff going there before, but I guess it started happening! I made the adjustments. Appreciate the help!

I was curious if anyone else had any issues with itch's email system lately. I tried sending an email out to a group of purchasers today, and the draft email saved fine, but when I went to save and send a draft email to myself, I never received it in my inbox (it's been 2+ hours). I sent out the email to customers anyways, but now i'm thinking it didn't go through. Any way to check to see if the email system is functioning?



I don't mind a TableTop + category, I think that could be a good way of saying "here's the main category, but it also has other misc games that don't fit" (LARP, etc).

I agree with CONE in that the list tends to be non-exclusive, and in a sense, a bit too abstract for customers. I think more precise terms are ok, even if that means we have more categories.

On a customer level though, are most going to know what analog means? I'm mid 30's now, so it's a no brainer for me. But that's not necessarily a term that's thrown around in regular chat anymore. I'd worry that we're losing some of the customer base by calling it something people won't know and therefore won't click on. I think physical games would be ok if it was fleshed out and it had more of a prominent role on the front page with the rest of the digital content.

That's a really interesting idea. It also allows smaller businesses (like me!) to avoid having to deal with independent contractor/royalty payments to other artists, which means less tax paperwork. I'd be more willing to collaborate if this was a feature. Great idea!

True, I always wind up having to create another cover just to fit the itch format!

Just to answer a question or two from my experience so people know they're included features:

You can email people who have purchased your product. They have to provide emails, and then itch has a system that allows you to email them a certain amount. I usually only do it when I have a new product out.

You can have forums for your products, but I agree, I wonder if we could have a forum for each of the major itch categories, which could foster some of the community that came from google +.

I completely agree with swordpeddler on this. I personally think the RPG Supplement category, where we can list supporting materials (so we don't have to list them as books/physical games), is the biggest thing on my wishlist. For example, I recently published Wacky Plot Hooks (, which is like a 10 page supplement with adventuring ideas for people playing roleplaying games. It really doesn't fit anywhere at the moment, and expanding and defining the physical game category like swordpeddler mentions would be a dream for me.

Also, considering the indie ttrpg creator community has been growing year over year, I think making these changes will make the site a lot more friendly. I know a lot of people that feel like they're not getting represented/paid well on the other major marketplaces- and I think this would help everyone involved (itch and creators).

I appreciate your effort in this!


Hi necropolise! I charge a flat $200 for commercial use of one of my asset packs (which goes towrds the time I spend putting together a contract). if you're still interested, you can email me at Thanks!

Thanks moconnor8! I really need to use google+ more, as I hear there's quite the ttrpg community there. I've definitely got some great press and feedback from that community.