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After having easily fixed my earlier gripe with winter-time trees, I ended up making these:

If you're still taking requests for additional tiles, though, I realized I'm really, really, really missing two things: Arabian Nights-styled desert structures/cities, as well as jungle tiles (and cities/steuctures, if possible).

I have a map in mind that I'd really like to do in this style, but making such tiles from scratch is simply beyond me.

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I started organizing the tiles into tilesets to help keep track of "missing" tiles (like how snow-mountains (not snowpeaks) have noticeable fewer connecting/partial tiles and such) and I can confirm that it's not just a skipped number:

I mean, I'll just copy-paste my own tile together from the others, it's not a huge deal, I felt I should tell you.

Edit: Btw, what do I win for finding the hidden hamsters?

Is there a reason tile 915 is just missing? Because I noticed it when it threw off my counting as I was assembling a Tiled tileset.

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Cherio, can't wait.

Edit: Also, since the entry asked, yes, I'd absolutely love the original sizes.

Edit 2: Also, something you might not have considered, or maybe things work differently in the hex mapping program you're basing this on, but at least Tiled supports semi-transparent .png:s. It works extremely well for making various doodads, such as the soft shading for, say, a tree or houses or something. It's great for making caves or tents or towns that you can plop down on any terrain on a higher layer and still have it look proper.

Edit 3: Alright, so, my editing is getting ridiculous here, but one last thing: For all that is good and holy and dear in this world, please, for the love of god, leaf trees with snow, as well as trees in snow without leafs at all. Every tileset I can find have full summer leaf trees, and then it has various pines in snow. That's it. It's impossible to find tilesets for making seasonal things, because apparently, areas are either covered in snow and have pines, or it is summer and they have leaf trees.

I'd also commit various crimes against humanity for spring/autumn sets to match, but now I'm just getting greedy.

Whatever happened to this? I love the tileset, but man I'd kill for more ruins, especially of modern cities.

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It looks great, but wherever you uploaded it or however you did it, it didn't preserve the .png transparency of the background, so it's a bit hard to use. I especially love the barren ashland trees (...or at least I assume it's ashland), and the snowless mountain. For some reason the volcano one also appeals to me more than the older ones, I think it's the darker aesthetic.

Edit: By the way, having two mirrored ports is completely unnecessary. You can flip tiles by pressing x, so you only ever need a left- or right-facing tile, and then you can flip them on placement if needed. :)

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I actually took the tiles I could find in the comments, organized them as best I could and as I considered to "make sense", and also created a few new ones, mostly by cutting, pasting, and photoshop voodoo:

Most notably, I "externalized" several assets, such as the graveyard(s) so that they can be used on any background; it turns out that Tiled handles .png semitransparency just fine, so shades can be created quite easily by painting a black with an opacity of ~13%; some may require more creative uses to look good on certain backgrounds, for example, the "tents and stones" which are intended for a desert background required using just plain red for shading to look good (imho).

I also organized everything into a foldered .psd with a helpful custom background, which I might as well share:

I'm pretty OK with manipulation, however, I'm terrible at original assets, myself. What I'd like to see, but am too painfully inept to do myself, are more "random" assets and "markers" or "terrain features", such as temples/henges, various types of ruins, castles, keeps, and I'd very much like to see something denoting a small village, as well as a trading post; just a few houses and a palisade or something.

Cheers, I love the package!

Edit: Also, I've just found out that it is possible to flip tiles in Tiled by pressing "X", meaning that several tiles in this package serve no purpose, including half the harbors. Worth keeping in mind.

Edit 2: Finally, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the Tile Properties setting(s) for these tiles is Orientation Othogonal, Grid Width 32px, Grid Height 48px, Drawing Offset (0, 2); Map Properties setting(s) need to be Orientation Hexagonal, Tile Width 32px, Tile Height 28px, Tile Side Length 16px, Stagger Axis X.

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Man do I feel stupid here, because I can't get the example file to work (and I'm not sure why), and when trying to simply create my own tileset using the main tile image, I can't even choose hexagonal orientation in the properties, only Orthogonal and Isometric.

It looks great, though, just wish I could use it.

Edit: I think I worked it out, but some clearer instructions could really have helped. Apparently, the instructions you've given is for map settings, not the tile properties, but if one isn't familiar with Tiled in advance, that's far from obvious, especially when the tile settings aren't default either (it's 32x48.. I think?).