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Thank you so much for checking it out! I'm hoping to do a little more with it/the world at some point, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Hey folks! My name's Ronald (he/him), and you can find me on Twitter @djregular. I've been interested in roleplaying games in some form since I was in my early teens (if we don't count CYOA books and the like), when a family friend introduced me to D&D, then gave me the 2nd Ed. Vampire: The Masquerade corebook for my 13th birthday. Ever since then I've been a player and a GM for a variety of games, though not as many as I'd like in recent. I've got a soft spot for Feng Shui, as it's where I've played some of my longest running games as a GM (in a bit of a modified setting).

I'm currently working on a Cortex Prime-hack for a superhero game that I've described as postmodern comics meets The Wire, and I've also made a short piece of interactive fiction called Play This Only At Night based on a Hip Hop and YA pulp fiction Lasers & Feelings-hack that I made called 'Create & Devastate'. 

I live in the South Bay of the SF Bay area, and I've been trying to dip my toe further into the gaming community in the area in the past year or so.