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A quick intent question, because I'm second-guessing myself! The Red Crown allows you to deal +2 Harm if you've got foes adjacent to you. 

I've been assuming that (a) The Red Crown can't increase your Harm dealt if you don't deal harm, and (b) the Red Crown's harm bonus doesn't apply to secondary effects such as the axe's Cleave; rather, it increases primary Harm from your weapons. But as I think about it, I'm really unsure what the intent is! Am I reading the rules correctly? 

Hey, Xavid! Thanks for asking; I should probably include that in the bundle information above, huh? In order:

The Sun's Court:ship is a 110-page document, featuring eight Miraculous characters  (each with a basic quest, side quest, and introductory 3-quest Arc), HG advice, and a handful of potential locations for the characters to visit.

The Marvelous Airship is a shorter 22-page document, featuring the airship itself, a handful of NPCs and locations, some HG advice (including building Laodemus Schwan as a party NPC) and three quest.

To Boldy Go is a 64-page document with six non-Miraculous characters (each with a basic quest, side quest, and introductory 3-quest Arc), HG Advice, and setting information. 

Absolutely, and I may look over it to clarify the rulings. 

Let's say we have four people at the table: Alice, Bob, Charlie and Dana. 

Alice decides that she is Known For Swords and Terrible At Barter

Bob decides that he is Known For Music and Terrible At Dark Magic

Charlie decides that they are Known For Light Magic and Terrible At Fishing

Finally, Dana decides that she is Known For Acrobatics and Terrible At Flirting.

Now, back around to Alice! She currently has Swords d12 and Barter d4. She looks over the other options,  and decides to take Fishing d10. To balance it out, she takes Dark Magic d6. 

Alice's Talents are now:
Swords d12, Fishing d10, Music d8, Light Magic d8, Acrobatics d8, Flirting d8, Dark Magic d6, Barter d6

If Alice decides later that she wants to do some bureaucracy, well, the gods haven't implemented bureaucracy so it falls under non-existent things. 

Hello, everyone! 

In honour of Halloween, I've just slapped together a new two-page RPG for tabletop play. This game is designed for one-shots or short campaigns, in which a group of people are transported to a fantasy world that is not... quite... finished.

Discover and exploit glitches in the universe, behave heroically, and deal with demanding designer gods, or just toss it all out the window and try to figure out if they've implemented fishing yet!

A short passage is below: 

I think they're okay, but we'll see where I stand when we hit Round 3! ;) 

This sounds fascinating. I can see two potential pitfalls, but I suspect they're navigable. 

The first issue is that you might have to mess with the results tables and turf systems if players are going to be members of different factions. The actual mechanics of Blades tend to assume that you're getting help a decent percentage of the time, which means that the fact that you don't have a good chance of success isn't so bad. Similarly, every character on the team is working together during downtime, which makes recovery something that different people can sacrifice an action to at different times without a sizeable problem. If everyone has to manage their own group's faction, you'll want to make some fairly substantial changes there.

The second question - what does a 0-card pull actually look like? Since there's advantage to not always taking the best card, you can't take the Blades approach of "draw two, take the worse," but presumably you want there to be a chance of success. Is it a system where tempting fate uses the Major Arcana, seperated out into a different deck, or is there something simpler for it?

Just starting a new thread to chat as we work. Without giving any hints that might give away my game to whomever gets it, I'm definitely finding this first stage harder than I expected! Finding that balance between providing enough information for someone to flesh things out into mechanics and functionality, but not providing so much that people get constrained, annoyed, or give up, is actually pretty challenging. Still planning to have it done this week, but wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if everyone just dashed off a great thousand words and is relaxing with a drink already! 

I think I have a slightly ludicrous idea that I'm currently working through as my initial 1000-word pitch, but I'm really excited to see what sort of games other people develop, and what happens to my own ideas. This may be my favorite game jam concept yet. 

Hello, everyone! I'm a big fan of diceless games, and I've submitted a recently created game, Our Old Curiousity Shop, to the game jam. It's a game about playing the customers and employees of a magical shop as they solve each other's personal problems (or fail to!)

The game has a price tag, but I'm happy to share it with fellow jam members. Let me know if you're interested in game-swapping. 

I've set my game to $3 now that the jam is over, but if you participated in the jam and didn't get a chance to download it, let me know and I'll toss you a copy for free.

Hi! I would be delighted to trade games with you, if you're interested. I'm at gmail at misha.handman 

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Hi Dice Problems! Count me in for the trade. I've got my email up above - I'm not sure if there's a way to PM people on Itch? 
*EDIT* Never mind, I saw your profile. I'll email you!

Thanks for the purchase, and the questions! 

The short answer is that the only information that players are actually required to treat as canonically accurate are the traits on your character sheet, and your successful alibis. Players can set up whatever information they want as part of the scenario - it can be as simple as "Guys! The last Hot Pocket is missing!" and then everyone runs in and starts yelling at each other, or as complex as "everyone agrees there was a Hot Pocket in the fridge at 11:30 PM last night, but when we got up at 8:00 AM and we were all gathering in the kitchen it was gone." But that doesn't actually have to be true - one player can, as part of an accusation, say, "Wait a minute, did anyone but you actually see the Hot Pocket after yesterday afternoon? Because I thought I saw you eating a Hot Pocket yesterday afternoon while you were watching wrestling."

If your alibi fails, it is entirely up to the other player how much of it they want to tear apart. However, much like traits, their counter-evidence doesn't actually become verified truth unless they incorporate it into their own alibis later. If they provide a timestamped photo, another player can absolutely accuse them of having photoshopped it as part of another accusation, and if they say the Hot Pocket is vegan someone could fish the box out to try and show that it has meat ingredients. If Player A claims to have been at Meat Is Murder, someone else can interrogate that fact, and A will have to defend it to get it as an alibi. 

Generally, I assume that players are going to mostly want to tear down small sections of alibis rather than the entire thing, and will more or less treat statements as true-ish, but you can get as chaotic as you need to. 

In terms of bonuses, my intent was that you only take a given +1 or -1 once, even if it could apply multiple times (although it could reduce how much of your alibi can be torn apart, since they can't contradict your traits in the process.) In the example, you still only get +1 for applying vegetarianism and your relationship, but on the other hand, your accusers can't say you broke up with your signficant other as part of their explanation. 

Hi Lari! Glad to hear you're interested. You can send me an email at misha(dot)handman(at)gmail(dot)com! I'll reply with a PDF of J'Accuse for you. :) 

This was a really cool game jam to join in on, and glad to have gotten mine in under the wire. I would also be happy to trade games with any other writers who are interested! J'Accuse is a $1 game, since it's just a one-pager with some basic layout, but I quite like how it turned out. 

Lari, if you're interested in a trade, I did spot  I Expect You To Die and was very curious. 

Very cool! I will have to keep an eye on that.

Is there a chance of explosions damaging other things, thereby setting off chain reactions of explosions? Presumably you wouldn't want it to be too easy, or you'd stab a tree and the whole world would explode, but it might be fun. 

This was my first Game Jam, and while I didn't place very highly, I had a great time. Thank you to everyone who rated Trouble Tunes, and I'm definitely planning on doing a bit of cleaning up and rules updates to it later on.

Thank you also to everyone whose great entries I got to read, as well! There were some really brilliant ideas and lovely setups in this jam, and I'm glad to have had it as my first on the site. 

Thanks for your comments and notes, everyone! I will probably do a bit of cleaning up, edit the Battle of the Bands section, and put out a Version 1.1 in a little while. :) 

That's a great protect system, yeah! I'm going to toss it into the mix. :) 

Hm, that is a good point. In theory, Focus was designed to benefit the person using it slightly more than other people, so that it's your go-to when things are going badly for you, but not so much for the other two. I'd have to playtest a bit, but I would lean towards a soft penalty where each time you use a move, you take -2 to the next use of it; you can still spam it if you need to, but it gets less likely to succeed.

There's a really cool idea in here, but I'm a little vague on the fleshing-out. What sort of monsters are you hunting? Or are you doing jobs for some monsters, to calm their spirits, and that's what the tasks mentioned in the tattoos are? 

I agree that the tattoo idea is very cool. 

Okay, I'm sort of brainstorming out loud here. Other people definitely seem to be going for some intriguing, thoughtful, and suspenseful options in the conversation, so I'm going the opposite route.

It's a standard fantasy dungeon crawl, with characters who only have 1 HP, and every time you die, you bring in a "brand new" character who is clearly just the original character with a single feature changed, and give an unconvincing explanation for how they got this far alone to join the party. 

The game continues until the final boss is defeated or until players run out of ideas for ludicrous twins, clones, cousins, children, people with fake beards, etc. 

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Hello! I'm sort of double-posting, because I just did a shorter intro over in the general games, but I wanted to say hi to my fellow TTRPG people, too.

I'm Misha Handman (he/him), usually known online as FrivYeti. I've been writing for RPGs for maybe ten years now, although I only have a handful of publications under my belt. I've also been wandering around various RPG sites, where you may have seen me putting together campaigns for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine or creating my own rules to run Sentinels of the Multiverse campaigns, and then writing too much fanfiction about the campaigns that I run (or, back in the way, writing just way too much Exalted fanfic!)

These days, I have a small Patreon over at, and  I've been adding an increasing number of cool TTRG folks on Twitter to balance out the angry politics parts of my feed. I saw that various people were doing things over here, and decided to wander over and check it out, and here I am! 

Big fan of the Forged in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse, and Belonging beyond Belonging communities, so I'm pretty excited to be here. I'm planning to take part in a lot of game jams going forward, so hopefully you'll get used to seeing me around. ;) 

Hello! My name is Misha, but I mostly go by FrivYeti online. I'm mainly a writer of RPG materials, and I joined up in part to take part in game jams, which seem like a ton of fun! So far, my only product here is "Trouble Tunes", which is a Tunnel Trolls Jam entry, but I'm planning to have more stuff up as time goes on, some free and some for sale.