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Hello! I'm sort of double-posting, because I just did a shorter intro over in the general games, but I wanted to say hi to my fellow TTRPG people, too.

I'm Misha Handman (he/him), usually known online as FrivYeti. I've been writing for RPGs for maybe ten years now, although I only have a handful of publications under my belt. I've also been wandering around various RPG sites, where you may have seen me putting together campaigns for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine or creating my own rules to run Sentinels of the Multiverse campaigns, and then writing too much fanfiction about the campaigns that I run (or, back in the way, writing just way too much Exalted fanfic!)

These days, I have a small Patreon over at, and  I've been adding an increasing number of cool TTRG folks on Twitter to balance out the angry politics parts of my feed. I saw that various people were doing things over here, and decided to wander over and check it out, and here I am! 

Big fan of the Forged in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse, and Belonging beyond Belonging communities, so I'm pretty excited to be here. I'm planning to take part in a lot of game jams going forward, so hopefully you'll get used to seeing me around. ;)