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Probably back in middleschool on the Maplestory forums, as well as an RP and General Muckery zetaboard my friends from the Maplestory forum made ages ago called Ninja Giraffe. It was a wild time.

Hi! My name is Kazander, I'm a game master and software engineer from Southern California. My first experience with tabletop was playing d&d with my dad when 4e came out, which was a lot of fun, but shortlived. Now, I've been running a d&d 5e campaign for 2 years and I play in a few other campaigns. I want to try more systems and see what else is out there, I've currently got sourcebooks for Dungeon World and Masks, as well as Star Wars FFG and I plan on getting Genesys soon. I also buy a lot of content on DMsguild, and I have 70+ sets of polyhedral dice. I like material things. I want to see more diversity in this hobby. I like Cyberpunk and the Feywild. Neon colors are fun. I lean towards narrative over crunch.

I've been wanting to create more, but I lack the drive and energy. I find being around creative people and seeing what they're up to really helps inspire me to do more, hence me checking out this place!