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I will post here when more are available and will be posting on twitter at @natetrem

thanks for the excellent write up!

that's awesome! Thanks for sharing!


I am currently working on Kozmik Objects & Entities that was kickstarted earlier this year. It will have 10 locations to use with Ghost Star or any space-faring rpg.

I'm planning a small risograph print run in the next month.

That'd be an easy way to implement classes. especially if you wrote of a special ability to go with each archetype.

Yes, very soon hopefully. I had one planned for this month but will have to wait for the printer to reopen.

Awesome! Hope to hear more about this!

Did you uncompress the rar file?

The spreads are for digital viewing and not set up for print. I print using the non spread version and Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat has a booklet option for printing. There is other software that does this as well. I will try to make a print ready booklet file when I get a chance.

Very cool! I added it to this list

Great stuff Luiz!

If the npcs are able to affect the combat I do a -1 for each extra enemy.

thank you John!

Sorry Lukasz I did not get a notification of your comment or I would have answered!

Junebug answered wonderfully though (thanks!).

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A one-shot Christmas inspired adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Deliver a mysterious God Baby to a temple while fighting off demons, bandits, and giant crickets!
Or keep the baby and use its power for yourself!

This adventure can be printed on a single sheet of paper. Requires a 5e Monster Manual. Monster page number references are provided.

The example assumes the player put 2 points in the Brute category.

If their Brute score is 1 then they would only add 1 point to the roll.

I just released a pointcrawl / adventure location for OSR games like Knave:

If you submitted an entry and would like a PDF of Caverns of Urk and The Stolen City. Email me at

thanks for participating!

The HP score should say 10. I think Shane is planning on fixing that.

I think this sheet is meant for one shot/first level characters so it doesn't have extra slots


this is beautiful!

Don't vote for this! I just entered it so I can vote


really cool! love the goblin tables!

This is beautiful!

Awesome, thanks jeepee!

This is AMAZING!

This is sweet!

Please post it to the jam page as well:

I opened submissions on the game jam. Please enter this! it's awesome!

I went ahead and opened submissions for Goon Jam.

I went ahead and opened submissions so folks can go ahead and post submission when they have them.

Already saw a lot of cool stuff shared in Tunnel Goons board.

Goon Jam community · Created a new topic Tunnels Goons Text


Game Structure:  A referee controls and describes the world to players who then describe how their characters act in the world. 

Action Roll: When an action’s success is uncertain, a player rolls 2d6 and adds points from the relevant class and a point for any relevant items. If the total is equal or greater than the action’s Difficulty Score (DS) it is successful.

Difficulty Scores Guidelines: Easy: 8  Moderate: 10  Hard: 12

Dangerous Actions: If an action has a risk of physical danger, the difference between the roll and Difficulty Score is the amount of damage the endangered participant takes.

Example:  As an action, a Player Character fights an enemy with a DS of 10. The player rolls 2d6 and adds 2 from their Brute Score, 1 from their sword, and 1 from their shield. The total is 12. The difference between 12 and 10 is 2, so the creature takes 2 damage. A non player character’s DS is also their Health Points, so now the enemy’s Difficulty Score is 8. If the roll was 8 then the Player Character would have lost 2 health.

Inventory: Your Inventory Score is how many items you can carry comfortably. For each item that exceeds your Inventory Score subtract 1 from any Brute or Skulker Rolls.

Death: When a character’s Health Points reach zero, they die. 

Advancement: Level up at the end of a game session. Each level, raise a class score by 1 and raise either Health or Inventory Score by 1.

Healing: Regain lost Health Points by spending the night in a safe spot.

Character Creation

Name your character.

Health Points are 10

Inventory Score is 8

Distribute 3 points between these classes:

Brute: Good at smacking things, feats of strength 

Skulker: Good at sneaking, aiming, balancing

Erudite: Good at reading, perception, speaking

Choose 3 Starting Items: Melee Weapon (specify) Ranged Weapon (specify) Piece of Armor (specify) Cloak (specify color) Ration (specify) Torch Net Bear Trap Hammer Mirror Rope Manacles Flask Marbles Pitons Scissors Wire Flint Steel

Holy Roller! Nice!


Wow this looks great!