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Highland Paranormal Society

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Cool looking TG hack from JP Coovert

well that just makes sense

Wintry D&D ❄️ looks at Tunnel Goons

That's great! I love that she sided with Sigwin!

This is so fun. I used my own music I had made and it was fun seeing how difficult each would be.

very fun!

This was fun. It would cool to have more. even without a story. just more opponents. fun controls!

Yochai & Brad review Dogtooth Valley by Nate Treme (aka Highland Paranormal Society) and answer THREE questions from the mailbag.

A quick overview of how I made the book Dogtooth Valley from start to finish.

Actual Play! Tunnel Goons with Shel Khan

Primarch the Mage Tunnel Goons Oneshot actual play

How I draw maps in procreate

Get it here

WOGDTO streams a brand new game every Friday at 8:30 PM EST

I based this off old fairy stories like Rumplestilskin and Changeling legends. Fae have always been interested in obtaining people's children for unknown reasons. Perhaps having a mortal child is seen as a valuable link to the mortal world or a tool for future trickery. Maybe it's just in vogue for fae to have mortal pets. But they definitely are bound to follow through with any deal they have made. They are ruled by traditions and rules. Many Fairy stories have fae making bargains and then using the language of the bargain or technicalities to trick the mortal. Fae have little else to do that is more important than tricking mortals. at least that's the impression I get from folklore

I use the tables, which are in this generator to determine what's in a square. But once the players start interacting with encounters and things start building organically through play I rely less on the random tables.

Comment jouer à Tunnel Goons - Carnet de règles

Tunnel Goons: #IndieGamesDec Day Thirteen by Dorklord Canada

Randy Angle's video on tunnel goons

 Jorphdan's Jocular Junction video on Tunnel Goons

Podcast discussion about this adventure:

Video review of this adventure

No manches guey! MECHA CUATES suena bien chingon


It's all player facing. The roll players make covers an entire combat interaction and not necessarily a single strike from one character. if the result is lower than the enemy's score, the difference is the damage the player takes. 

For example, if a DS 10 monster attacks my character, I roll a 5 plus 2 Brute, plus 1 from my sword. 8 total. 10-8=2 so I take 2 damage. If I had rolled an 8 or higher, putting the total over the DS 10, the monster would have taken damage.

They are random dice from the big bin of dice at my local comic book shop. probably chessex but I'm not sure.

Awesome! thanks for sharing

Preorders for the reprint are open here

preorders are open here

ghost star reprint can be preordered here