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It's all player facing. The roll players make covers an entire combat interaction and not necessarily a single strike from one character. if the result is lower than the enemy's score, the difference is the damage the player takes. 

For example, if a DS 10 monster attacks my character, I roll a 5 plus 2 Brute, plus 1 from my sword. 8 total. 10-8=2 so I take 2 damage. If I had rolled an 8 or higher, putting the total over the DS 10, the monster would have taken damage.

They are random dice from the big bin of dice at my local comic book shop. probably chessex but I'm not sure.

Awesome! thanks for sharing

Preorders for the reprint are open here

preorders are open here

ghost star reprint can be preordered here


Sharp Walking Tusk= A tusk from an animal like a walrus, elephant, narwhal, or some imaginary creature.

Pack Snail= like a packhorse but a snail.  A giant snail that can carry equipment in packs.

Beetle Lantern=  A lantern made from beetle shell,  or maybe a glowing beetle in a glass jar.  It is open to interpretation.

I generally let the players define things that I have left vague.

The discount requires you to have all three previous tilesets:

HPS Doodle Tiles

Tiles of Xark!

HPS Cartography Kit

And the discount price will be shown before you pay.

If you already have all my other hex kit packs in your itch library you get a discount on purchasing this one!

the are pngs, the format used by Hex Kit software

Here's one I colored in photoshop

Yes for $50 you will get a Nice Fucking Time!

Yes, that's how I run it but of course feel free to change it. Its a good motivation to get them to hire NPCs or set up a base to store stuff

I am not at this time. Trying to raise money for hospital bills.

There should be a white hex border in the misc folder. I'll check when I am home later and updated it if it is missing for some reason

Thank you so much for the kind words!!!! Made my day!

Thanks! love that you are using ghost star for it!

i love this so much

I made it in procreate.

Sure, email me at

yeah I can't figure out why but when I upload the files it injects some code into the url

Yes, it's a webpage. It's written in html so it can be embedded anywhere you want it


it is not but I am working on a new edition that will hopefully be ready soon

when you create a new map make sure you set it to flat top

sure, I'll add it to the downloads if you want me to. send it to

Its meant to be played using an adventure game like d&d, OSE, tunnel goons, or many others. If you'd like some recommendations or info on how to play just email me at and I'll be happy to hook you up with some game pdfs to use and explain any questions you have.

I added a little tavern building in the new update

random xenomorph generating tables is really cool!

the linked assembly video clearly shows the format and the size. And the embedded video shows the whole zine unfolded. But I've updated the description to make it clear that the one sheet of paper folds into an 8-page zine.

File>Import Tiles>select the HPS Cartography Kit Folder and click select folder.  
this tutorial shows how at 13:53

I used a free program called REXpaint. It makes ASCII art a lot easier.

Im assuming this about OSR bros and not intentionally insulting the entire Brazilian OSR scene but it's not landing like that.

Brazilian OSR scene is amazingly creative and have been using the brosr label to build community in their country. This can easily come off as an attack on them.

of course! can't imagine what else it could stand for

So that I can get $50

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It's meant to be used with Hex Kit. The HPS Cartography is also meant to be used with Hex Kit. You load the tiles into that software.

Yes, this was to make players rely more on equipment.