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Much better, thank you! Great game!

"Observation: If no players attack, nothing happens in the turn, since both chose defensive options and no hit nor clash happened."

Isn't there a CLASH whenever the point of contact is the same? For example, wouldn't a HIGH PARRY vs HIGH DEFENSE result in a CLASH, as written? 

It's based on the Black Hack, which is a D&D variant, so it requires a GM and at least one player, ideally 3-4 players or so, but more or less is fine. 

There is no built in support for solo play but it shouldn't be hard to play solo with an appropriate oracle / GM simulator. 

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I'm a big fan of Lone Wolf but I'm not sure what this guy is smoking. I'm guessing he thinks India looks like Magamund, too; like that's a pretty standard Earth-type land shape there.

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As I mentioned elsewhere, these rules confused the heck out of me until I read the 1e rules.

Consider this rule from 1e:

Very clear. Then this from 2e:

Without the context from 1e, this made absolutely no sense. Why would the game require you to accuse two suspects? What happens when you accuse the first one? 

Eventually this is sort of covered in 2e... In this weirdly terse rule. 

Like, it was completely unclear to me that checking if I'm done meant "Is this the second suspect?" until I read the superior 1e phrasing of the rule. 

Other issues include collapsing "rumors" and "statements" into "leads" in a way that makes it completely unclear how they work. It doesn't help that the example on p. 6 of 2e doesn't explain whether all of the example is one Investigator turn, two, or three. (The 1e "move" phrasing makes this much clearer.)

Really, in a lot of ways the 2e rules read less like a second edition and more like a quick reference for the first edition... except it's longer despite being more terse and less clear.

And the longer, less clear version costs $4. 

I wish I understood the choices here. I acually like this game, now that I've read the 1e rules! Reminds me of Brindlewood Bay. 

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So, uh, I started with the 2e rules and couldn't really get how the game was played. Then I went back and read this. 

These rules are an order of magnitude clearer. What made you go to a more complicated ruleset with more terse, difficult to understand phrasing?

Maybe the new rules seem clearer if you read these first, but they're extremely confusing if you start with them. 

I've gone into more detail on the 2e page. 

Table of contents exists now. Pared back some of the entries. 

LOL I think I'm definitely used to groups who are well motivated by curiosity

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I created this game specifically for this jam.

The concept I'm "exploding" here is the basic thing I like about my favorite game no one will play with me, Trials of the Grail: Distilled. 

It's the idea of using a Trail Quest structure for a campaign, but for any genre. If you want to be Starfleet officers looking for a whale to appease a powerful set of aliens rather than knights seeking the Grail, you can.

By using the 24XX system, I've removed a ton of the system kruft that was slowing this amazing concept down.

Well, I actually think  it's interesting that there are multiple entrance choices, but I agree that maybe one of them should be more prominent.

Let's see, confusing bits... Hmm, re-reading this, I can only find one. Or else I understood it better the second time LOL

"Disembodied shadows hide among the trees. They get excited by the sweet scent of fruits, beware."

Wait, so they're always excited? It looks like all the trees have fruit.

The high power output is also supposed to pique interest, but I hear you. I probably could have said something about a distress signal or a reward for alien technology.

Poor puppy! This is one of the all-around easiest to use of the scenarios, which I really appreciated. 

Hmm, yeah, I think I would have liked to see the other side of this even if it was against the rules... 

Such adorable illustrations... Made me check out the other INK RPG stuff. 

I especially liked the unusual tree aliens; just earthlike enough to be easy to understand yet truly alien in a nice, creepy way. 

There is so much information packed into a small space here, which is nonetheless easy to read and digest. A masterclass in one-page scenario design. 

Bonus points for naming the creature a "jaw beast". So wonderfully to the point. 

Really disturbing honeytrap. The big question is how paranoid your players are... 

I thought the "space hippies" thing was overly cynical, but it was hard to stay mad because it's so well detailed and set up, with an interesting long-term payoff. 

While some bits were mildly confusing at first, and the hook is a little weak, in general I'm 110% in awe of this. Also, I'm a sucker for alien biotech of this sort. 

An amazing balance of humor and horror. And I love the realistic feel of the poor doomed crew / family. 

Thank you! TBH, I'd been considering getting rid of the Zalgo text. I should probably bite the bullet and just do it. 

How is that touched up version coming along?

Hopefully a game designed for dungeon crawls in space fits the theme of DUNGEON

This is a sorta retro-style dungeon crawl RPG set in the future, so it's my belief this fits "the future of the past"

Does this mean if you buy it on week 1, it's free on week 5? Or does it mean if you buy it on week 1, because it's monthly you pay again on week 5?

When you add all the dice together, does that include the d20? Are you multiplying the d20 by the d20?

Okay, that fits with the approach I was considering, where some minions, the magic ones, count as Wizard. Thank you! 

Dumb Question: Does rolling against the Wizard include rolling against their minions? Otherwise, it's interesting that a high Number is only good for the climactic battle. 

I imagine something like the Nobilis character sheet (snipped below) would work. I'd just write the number for each pool (rather than bubbles for attribute like Nobilis has), but have bubbles to fill in/ tick off for the actual Effort (like MPs in Nobilis).

Maybe I'll make a character sheet later; it shouldn't be too hard.

There seems to be nothing to download?

You could also steal from my other game, 20XX Kitten, and let them refresh when they sleep. Unlike kittens, I'd say a full night's sleep is needed for a human to refresh rather than just a nap. 

Like all 24XX games, there is a lot that's deliberately up to the table to interpret. That said, the back explicitly lists refresh as a mid-mission reward. I'd give the PCs a chance to rest once per mission, and then choose one of the rewards for them during rest. 

There don't seem to be any R tokens? Just P A V E

While I wish more was done with the non-A tokens at chargen, I really like where you're going with this game! 

Thank you! 

It's in there, just easy to miss. Under"Advancement" it says you refresh pools after every mission. So that and a possible mid-mission refresh are primarily when you refresh. 

So, if you roll a character that died in the War, is that a Traveller-style "make a new character" or something undead?

I'm glad you liked it in the end! I love invoking the sense of smell when writing, maybe too much. 

LOL I guess I should have just waited for half an hour

You have until the end of January to submit your games. We'll be judging the submission in the first two weeks of February and awarding prizes soon after.

How is the judging going?  I know there were a lot of entries, so I definitely don't blame anyone for taking a while.