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Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to hear the game was such a hit with your student.

Awesome! Thank you!

Had an excellent time playing this one!

I made this account with our company branding, but forum posts are coming from Stentor Danielson (they/them), aka @ChefStentor on twitter. I was introduced to ttrpgs about a decade ago by Cheyenne Grimes (the other half of Glittercats), and now we design cute, story-focused games. We live in Pittsburgh and foster kittens. Our biggest release so far is Laser Kittens, which isn't up on itch just yet.

For me, system design is intrinsically enjoyable, and learning new systems is enjoyable as well, so I like seeing and doing lots of original system design.

For Laser Kittens specifically I had a particular dynamic that I wanted to model -- a kitten building up uncontrollable energy until they just explode, with unpredictable results, but with the ability to shape and channel it as they mature. I didn't see any existing systems with anything similar, so rather than spending a lot of time searching for the perfect thing to hack, I went ahead and designed my own.


I think the idea of benefitting the player as well as/instead of benefitting the character is an important one (especially if, like me, you enjoy playing characters that make poor choices, get in over their heads, and/or get their comeuppance at the end). But I also feel like there's a bit of tension with the way that PbtA moves are usually written. Moves rarely define the 6- result, so that's both the worst outcome for the character, *and* the result that gives the player the least input into the story.  It makes me want to write a proof-of-concept game in which the player decides how their character suffers on a 6-, while on a 10+ the GM picks a "happy move" to bestow on them.