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I realize belatedly I failed to answer your first question!

All the games I know I discovered by twitter/discord (or run myself). There's also a fair amount of adhoc gaming in the community, especially if you can get down with FLAILSNAILS style play (jumping between campaign worlds each session as a normal thing).

A little bit of both, actually! I have two set-aside times where I have 5 open slots for players. I also provide a list of rumors/jobs (it's organized around a neighborhood in a bronze agey megalopolis) - if 2+ folks want to investigate a rumor or take on a job we play.

Folks can bring whichever characters and play whenever they like. There's no real trouble joining late or leaving early during a session, either.

Does that make sense?

I've also used trello as a "table" for games of microscope to set up campaigns with some really high levels of satisfaction from everyone in my groups!

There's some open tables games you might be able to find your way into, those are a great way to wet your feet!

One really good point here is the licensing bit. Writing my own stuff lets me throw CC-BY or CC0 on everything and never worry about folks making compatible stuff ever again. Even though very rarely does something bad happen with licensing it's still a bit nerve wracking for folks!

I didn't start out writing my own system (I mean, I did, then it was a lot of work, so I started hacking instead), but my hack got out of control and I decided to go back and break from compatibility for the sake of internal consistency. So my "BRP hack" is now "inspired by BRP" I guess.

Largely, I wanted something which gave me small character improvements through play (organic skill-ups over time) and a classless framework to build tons of different characters into.

I needed something flexible enough to play merchants and politics, adventures and warfare, investigations and heists - but mechanically simple enough I'd actually run it. So, like most folks who get to hacking, I made a thing that works for me and have set about making it sensible and coherent enough for other folks to use.

I tried using straight BRP/D&D and derivatives with some house rules but it kept snowballing til a system-of-its-own was warranted. That also came with freedom though, because I was able to weave the world's magic into and through so much more than I could just hanging it on existing systems!

I tend to really like settings with their own systems, but I also buy a lot of system-agnostic settings, so /shrug

Protest Singer sounds extremely good, I'm into all of that, especially the many d12s and the push-your-luck mechanic.

Ohai! I'm Mike (he/him), been hacking on stuff for a long time, only been active outside my own basement for a year or two. Having a lot of fun with procgen content, minigames, and playing OSR-adjacent adventure games that makes violence an anti-optimal strategy.

Yeah, thinking more collaborative or themed than competitive!

Can a jam be for related supplements, rather than whole separate games? For example, one page settings or adventures or similar things.

It would be super useful to get an update on this or know if it was deprioritized.

Hey, so I was trying to set up a page for an RPG supplement earlier this week and one thing that stood out is that there's no (obvious?) way for me to do revenue sharing.

Aside from my tabletop development work I also write technical stuff and publish through Leanpub - one of the best features available there is the ability to add contributors to my books/projects and share revenue directly with those folks. Below is an example of the sort of UI I mean.

For a lot of us collaborating on projects it'd be super helpful to be able to do a transparent revenue split at the project level - this way we could say allocate 40% to the artist, 20% to the person who did layout, etc.

Another feature LeanPub has which I would love to see Itch adopt is the ability to earmark a percentage of royalties for non-profits. I am a contributing author/editor to a book series the royalties of which go straight to the non-profit instead of the authors - I would love to have a way to do this here for TTRPG projects.

Otherwise, pretty much echo everything else said in this thread and thanks for making an incredible platform!