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Gonna be honest, I've mostly got my head down writing up the nuts and bolts chapters for all the basic mechanics at the moment, but I feel you! The game is definitely light on flavour text. I'm certainly going to be taking a look at this going forward.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. So, if you purchased A NOCTURNE here, you should have access through itch to the current, most up to date version, v1.0. The itch page still has "play-test" in the URL simply because a lot of existing pages have linked to it and I don't want to break those links. As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be two separate pages for the play-test and full version at the moment?

I'm working on it right now, as it happens! It's coming along well, although as you can imagine it's a lot of grunt work. Probably still a few months out at the earliest, but getting there.

I'm definitely thinking of coming back to it at some point! Lots of irons in the fire right now, but it's on my to do list.

Hey there all! I'm Calum (he/him), and I've been running games for just over a decade now, and designing them (at first tentatively) for about half of that. I'm currently deep into the process of working on A NOCTURNE, my Forged in the Dark game about transhuman space bastards, interstellar warfare, entropy, and the horrors of hyper-capitalism. I'm also working on my as-yet nowhere-to-be-found rpg Free Company, where you play as mercenaries in late-14th century Italy, a project which is ballooning into something huge and unwieldy and oddly Traveller-like, and probably won't see the light of day for a while.

As you can probably tell, I love running and playing (and designing for) player-driven sandbox games.

I just last week put out Abkronos, which is a World of Dungeons-derived game based on the old Continuum RPG! It's about travelling in time and space to mess up history and rebel against a time-travelling society that refuses to interfere, with weird and horrifying consequences. It's also just 3 slim pages and designed for quick deployment for one-shots (although there are some mechanics in there that can facilitate multi-session play). It's got me jazzed about making more mini-games while I work on my bigger ongoing projects.

Hey! Not right now, but I've been meaning to wrap my head around making epub documents for a while, so I'm not discounting the possibility.

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Yes, I'm definitely on board with all of this, sounds great! I do love a good detailed, editable generator, and I've already gotten such good use out of the online version alone. Looking forward to this.

I will say that the rules (and thus some of the GMing assumptions) are changing a little in the latest version, but core Apocalypse World et al.  guidelines apply to GMing, since that's my preferred style, what I'm aiming for with the game, and what the game its kind of based on (John Harper's Blades in the Dark) does best: 1) Start with a bang, but let things go where they'll go after that. 2) Fiction first! Let everything, including rolls, dangers, challenges, Scale, etc. flow from the conversation you and the rest of the players are having at the table. 3) Have some basic prep (a cluster ready to go, maybe with some ideas for dangers, opportunities, or factions jotted down), but don't go too far before play begins - you don't know where play will take you, so run with it! Check in with your prep after every session or couple of sessions to make sure you're keeping things straight or to embellish stuff/push the pieces around as needed. Don't spend too long on this. Roll dice to figure stuff out if needed. Rinse, repeat. 4) As always, be a fan of the player characters, and play your NPCs  like you're taking joyrides in stolen cars.

The game as is on this page isn't the friendliest game to run or play, but that should be remedied in the next version. Lots of changes to come!

Development is continuing apace on the latest version!