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Work is moving along on it, although slower than I'd like. I recently did a big once-over of all the playbooks and suchlike, and am currently in the process of writing up the GM and player advice sections. I'll then likely be working on adding some additional art, and proof-reading the hell out of it! Year's end release is looking somewhat unlikely at this point, but I'll likely be putting out a general progress update in December regardless.

Thanks Calum! Happy to hear its moving along, looking forward to the Update. Would have been cool to have something for X-Mas, but I'd rather have a book where enough time was spent to make it whole than rush things. I'm sure it'll turn out great! Do you plan to set-up an PoD option?


No plans on POD just yet, although I'd like to explore it in future once I have this release completed.

Hi Calum, hope you're well! Any chance for a general progress update and expected publication timeline? Now with "Inhibitor Phase" announced for release in July I'm really hyped to play full A Nocturne ^_^

Progress update should be coming soon! Things got very mixed around and pushed back thru January, but watch this space.

Cool & will do, looking forward to it! Thanks Calum ^_^