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Hey everyone! I'm Liam (He/They). I'm the head designer at Sandy Pug Games, we're a collective of marginalized folx banding together to make cool games. Back when it was just one or two of us we mostly made Dungeon World sheets and setting books. We've had two pretty big Kickstarters (Orc Stabr and Americana), so right now we're focused mainly on producing the latter. I'm really hyped to see people finally coming over to Itch. It's such an awesome platform and we can grow so much here.

SPG does a lot of stuff besides making games. We offer free Kickstarter help for marginalized people, we produce a small video series that helps explain TTRPGs in a quick and concise way, we produce a radio drama set in Americana. I'm also a mentor at the San Jenaro Co-Op, and heading up their first project as a co-operative owned design house, producing a large anthology of very cool small games. Oh, and I just launched a fiction writing project that I'm hoping becomes a collective profit sharing space all about writing evocative stories about games that don't exist.

You can follow me @SandyPugGames on twitter. 


Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you all bring a lot of great experience others would love to hear from!