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You have decided to leave your homeland, for reasons best known to you. Was it due to war, persecution, economic struggles, climate changes, or others? The only thing that matters is that you’ve attempted to get your life on track. A second chance of some sort.

 “Stranger in a Foreign Land” is a journaling game, where you play out slices of life, as someone who tries to adapt to a new community. It’s about confronting who you are against the customs and functioning of people who welcomed you. You will make hard choices between learning to behave like a local and taking care of yourself. How will your identity change in the process?

This game needs only you, two ten-sided dice (2d10), and a pen & paper or word processor to write down the gameplay.

You can buy this game, powered by the ancient ASCII technology followed by Notebook. 

Affinity Publisher. I've tried Scribus, but after 3-4 hours I've created a Cheat Sheet for my first game, which was as mess as I would assemble it in 10 minutes in Paint instead.

Do you know that alpacas do live in Alps? They are bred in Alpine valleys for wool and as a tourist attraction. Imagine fluffy, fabulous alpacas grazing in grassland, on magnificent alpine skyline!

"Alpacas in Alps"invites you (up to 2-4 people) to describe your own Alps with alpacas, living and triving. It's a quick, GMless game which makes you daydreaming!

Definitely inspired by PbtA, however it's more like "tabletop party game meets PbtA philosophy".

"Arrpacas of Seven Seas" is a game about alpacas on pirate ship, who struggle for captainship and where to sail across the sea.

(1 edit)

Imagine cute, fluffy, timid alpacas, who just captured a pirate ship in middle of the ocean. They chose first "Captain Arrpaca" to guide them all. But there's discord among them! To sail back to their homeland OR to sail forward into unknown but exciting new land? 

You will decide!

"Arrpacas of Seven Seas" is a tabletop party game about alpacas vying for authority and the direction of their journey. Everyone will get a chance to become the Captain Arrpaca - at least for a while. This is a game for 3-5 people who likes alpacas (and other South American camelids) and have up to 1-2 hours to play.

You may return to South America, but where do you land? You may find an unknown land, but how it would look like? OR, you may run out of remaining alpacas, beware!

„Suffering from Success” is a collection of alternate rules for adventure making plus additional stuff, like backgrounds and trappings. This add-on is meant to enhance October Rust gameplay and keep it more varied

This includes:

  • New rules for Forces of Evil (antagonists for a heist)
  • New backgrounds for player character and more examples of trappings.
  • And other optional rules.

"Suffering From Success" includes printer-friendly version.

I really regret that I was pretty inactive during G+ days. It looked like a golden opportunity to hit with some TTRPG design bits (add-ons to some fresh TTRPG there or even my own game) and gather enough social networking to succesfully struggle with current situation. I was both self-loathe with my attempts to design anything, and not yet recovering from depression....

Even if I my back then hypothetical TTRPGs could be a complete crap, I would gather enough recognizability to show off today as "hey, look at my progress as game designer!" and have a 10x better start. Social Networking >> Game Design Quality.

Now, I feel that I need to compete with several hundreds of small authors like me to even get bliped on someone's radar. Lack of resources (both financial and social) doesn't help either.

A Stone for Your Penguin is a game about two penguins sharing stones. More precisely, about two people confessing their thoughts to each other, in exchange for stones.

You just need six stones (or tokens or something else resembling them) and two people. Perhaps a piece of paper (plus a pencil) or a digital notebook

Komodo & Underground

A short game for a single player, about komodo's journey to become a dragon. It involves delving into the underground.

October Rust

A game about personal fall for the greater stand, set in early modern fantasy setting. It's about last heist against an ungrateful world. For one-shots with little prep, built-in during the session.

Hi Andrea.

Thanks for your review! I appreciate that.

Considering Rust/Storm mechanic, I'm aware of that and I don't think that's actually an issue. When the group decide to abstain from spending more than "[3 x player count] - 4" in order to avoid The Storm, still it does mean that their resources became even more scarce. 

And the previous paragraphs. "October Rust" doesn't have three-way oracle-like resolution, because it simply doesn't need it in my opinion. Every conflict you take, has built in cost: except of a case "Theme 3 vs Obstacle 3, minor intent", you always need to either spend your resources (trappings, rust points, one use of a background) or be forced to accept at least one die, so at least +1 month. In other hand, "Yes, and" or "No, and" always has that "but/however" ingrained in the engine. The uncertainity lies in details: how player/GM elaborates their stake (if given narrative rights), how GM interprets Forces of Evil ideas, how the fiction interacts with Scale of Intent, etc. It works by a clash between intents of both sides...

It creates a limit for actions through out the game, and securing "100% success/your intent" is possible just to a certain moment. OR is designed to grind out player characters.

Considering scene count, October Rust enforces at least three framed scenes by a structure (pre-Final Question play, Final Question, Epilogue Questions). In practice (and by instructions in the book), each Force of Evil can work as a different scene. Epilogue Questions can be written in a way that they'll need two separate (short) scenes for them, because of "you can't answer both EQ in one conflict" rule. 

In practice, I'd expect like 5-6 scenes, depending on player count. 

Anyway, thanks for feedback. The rulebook itself still needs more clarification in certain areas, or at least make few mechanics more transparent to a reader. 

This is Komodo & Underground - a game about komodo, who delves into the underground in goal to become a dragon. A quick TTRPG for a single player, written on one page like a pamphlet. 


I'm Mansfeld (Michał, my private first name), and I work in customs administration (while passing archivist technician's trade school). I make tabletop roleplaying games as another node of my creativity related to TTRPG (I blog about it since 2011).

Vials of Mercury” is a collection of adventures for the October Rust, showing how you can interpret Adventure List’s questions. They are intended for quick use: read-&-play. Call them “vials”. Five of them in the PDF (both colour and printer-friendly version).

This is my first add-on to one of my tabletop games.

Thanks ^^ Here's my Seal of Approval too!

At least there's so many TTRPG submissions in! :) Here, in Poland, the indie rpg scene looks like "only two autorhs & their buddies do a lot of work + some accidents once in k4 years". 

Hello! :) I'm Michał Przygodzki, in the internet called as Mansfeld.

I blog about TTRPG since 2011, almost only in Polish, as Twierdza Powszechna (current WordPress, earlier at Blogspot). Currently preparing for some English debut, but it's only a sidenote. I'm writing about RPG Theory and how particular games work. Plus some occasional session reports, but I'm making them rarer and rarer...

Also, I'm a TTRPG designer, because of release of October Rust. I used to make some smaller works before, but only in Polish and I never actually ended them.  One of them had potential as "story hack to Mensch ärgere Dich nicht", the other was an ironic 1-page diceroller towards Cyberpunk hype. 

I did some TTRPG content before (as you may guess, in Polish), including some collection of monsters for Dungeon World, cooperation with Polish site Poltergeist. Overall, I'm trying to be active since 2010, just in 2021 I decided to go seriously & into English territory...

I have some plans for October Rust follow up (like two supplements), and maybe I will design another TTRPG in 12+d8 months.

October Rust is a game about the last stand. "A game of personal fall for the greater stand", as slogan says. Intended for 3-5 people, including one game master.

It's about one-shot heist in goal to try the answer the Final Question of the adventure, in attempt to fix the world or at least alter it. And the world is ungrateful, as early modern fantasy (with some grim and gothic themes) can be. Fallen characters in the world, which went down. Or at least, the protagonist are bastards, but the society is even worse...

October Rust also invokes the grim atmosphere of everlasting rain. And it can only go worse - the weather will escalate, the thunderstom will arrive.

It's done by improvising the adventure (answering five questions of Adventure List, then trying to play it's contents). Then, the game itself will force you to make hard choices about resources you'll spend: either you will need to sacrifice your precious belongings ("trappings"), deny your background or spent your rust points. The latter brings you closer to confessing your Sin from the past. If you don't spend those resources during conflict, you will roll some dice and add months to Doom Clocks (starting in May). When Doom Clock hits December, you perish!

October Rust is a tabletop roleplaying game about personal fall for the greater stand, set in fictional early modern setting. You play protagonists, who makes the final stand to make the last victory against an ungrateful world.  In October Rust, you play one-shot session to play through the heist to make the answer for your common cause. 

It's for 3-5 players: 2-4 players and game master. The one-shot session lasts around three hours. The adventure is made just before the session, by answering five questions (Adventure List). Then, you play to resolve your common Final Question.

The rain will never stop, and the storm is coming!

During Session Zero, players got impression that Moth-Light is a huge, complex game. Just by looking on those Google Sheets.

Thank you! :)

Hi Justin. I plan to start a campaign in Moth-Light soon (January 2021, maybe later). I would like to ask you about possible Roll20 character (and Pact) sheet. It would really help my technical preparations