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Share Your Projects: Narrative Games Sticky

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Please note: this thread is intended to be the place for self-promotion.

Please keep blatant self-promotion out of the other design threads.


This thread is for you to tell others about your Narrative game projects. 


Banquo at the Feast

A storytelling game about murder most foul.

I wrote Banquo at the Feast for the 200 Word RPG challenge in 2018, and it was the first game I ever seriously attempted to write! It's a storytelling game that takes all my favorite parts of party games like Mafia and Werewolf (the murdery parts) and flips the scenario so everyone around the table is implicated in the murder in some way or another. The objective of the game is basically to convince everyone else that someone at the table is more guilty than you are, and also someone gets to play the ghost of the murdered person, who calls everyone out on their BS.


Into the Flames is a storygame I released last year specifically designed to be played around a campfire. It involves searching and ascribing meaning to found objects, burning things in the fire and pretending to be a ghost at the edge of the light.

It is designed to tell the story of an accursed pilgrimage. We tell the story of our pilgrims - the perils and struggles they face on the road. Each night we offer trinkets to the flames, that represent a part of our character, and hope that the greedy ghosts that follow us don't claim us into their ranks.

The rules have guidance around playing in different settings if you don't have access to a campfire.


God of Vengeance

4 people discover the lives and entangled relationships in a Yiddish brothel at the start of the 20th Century.

I made this game for the Public Domain Game Jam and was awarded Best Adaptation. My goal was to create a game that had strong plot points and existing relationships to inform and react off of, but to allow the players to have leeway in how they create and discover those relationships. There are mechanics designed in the game that allow for different experiences every time, as the players will discover information with different characters and deliver that information likewise. While it may not be open ended like some narrative games, the story that is told can take different forms based on the players themselves and what they bring. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.


In Medias Res

A group of people finds themselves in the most important moment of their lives.

I wrote it for Short and Easy Jam, because the theme made me think about the most effective, low-prep ways that would let you get all the fun a traditional RPG session gives. In the beginning, the players create a cliffhanger, then they pick roles of people participating in this event and create the narrative backwards, to see how the cliffhanger came to be.


Breaking Down, Breaking Through

A game-poem of despair, depression, and holding on.

An exploration of the emotional moment when things begin to fall apart, when the night is too long and too dark and it weights too much on the mind. It is a single player guided experience and comes with heavy content notices for depression and negative self talk.


What Dreams
A collaborative storytelling game about the space between the living and the dead

What Dreams is a collaborative storytelling game in which characters take on the roles of a lingering spirit, the will of the living world, and dreamers attempting to mediate the conflicts between the two. It delves into the smoke-filled liminal space between dreams and death and explores our relationships with the angry dead. What Dreams uses a playing card deck to help drive narrative and show the shifting balance of power between the forces at play.


Midst of Lost is a first person shooter game with a narrative. But it was an experiment though to find out how well the story is being conveyed through game play and music. 


Spooky Action at a Distance

A single player role playing game about first contact with alien life.

Contact is my favourite film. I've always been a fan of these kinds of stories where we struggle to understand the alien and see what happens to humanity as a result. The recent release of Arrival and Annihilation furthered my interest, and got me wondering how to distill the similarities and differences in these stories. So I made Spooky Action at a Distance, my entry to the Me, Myself, and my RPG Game Jam, to explore these stories and ideas.



a game about a house.

house is a game i wrote for the Not A Game Game Jam that is both a game and not really a game at all. It's a completely playable exploration/narrative game about exploring a house that you and your friends "build" on a sheet of paper, but the rulebook is also designed to function as a self-contained work of short fiction!


Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)

A quirky, fantasy-based choose your own adventure.

Witches... began life as an ebook where it was nominated for a Big Al's Books and Pals Reader's Choice Award (Fantasy section). Spurred on by this, I thought it might be a good idea to convert it into a game and, three years later, a coder friend and I released it as an all-singing, all-dancing video game. A lot of love, hard-work and hair-shredding frustration went into making this, so please check it out- any feedback is gratefully received.

For a quick preview, check out Youtuber Tom Cheshire's Let's-play below:


Just Fucking Die

A narrative game about a murderer who has targeted an immortal

A simple narrative game that should be quite a bit of weird fun.


So far I've posted three micro-RPGs...

Freedom or Toaster: You play as a Robot trying to escape from a busy mall to freedom!

Brigands of Sherwood: Filch as much loot as possible before Robin Hood makes you give it all away!

The Hoppy Pops: You're a Hoppy Pop, a character from one of those weird kid’s shows. In Ep. 9 your Happy Dance opened a gate to Hell!

All of these are designed to be an evening of fun. If anyone gets a chance to play them, an evening of laughs and general amusement is what I hope you get from them!


A solo narrative game, iin which you'll write the diary of someone who survived an accident, and is alone ... somewhere.

It's in beta state, and I plan to use the devlog of to show what I make in order to complete it.


You are in a tavern...
A game about brave adventurers meeting in a tavern. And maybe going on a quest. Or not.
Just launched on kickstarter (


Gravecard: A solo game about exploring graveyards and imagining the lifes of the people buried there. It's based on the Carta System.

October Rust

A game about personal fall for the greater stand, set in early modern fantasy setting. It's about last heist against an ungrateful world. For one-shots with little prep, built-in during the session.

Alone on the Hitman Red Eye

It's a hack of the awesome Alone Among the Stars.  A fun genre themed prompt for writing a short story about stylish assassins.

Both Game are tabletop roleplaying game that sses a standard 52 card deck. For 1+ players.

You play as a Scopicitiae Mode (an inhabitant of this world) or a World mode (where you act as a narrator that oversees the world). 

These miniature worlds came from insignificant moments in the life of giant humans. 

Scopicitiae, the microbes of this world had been born due to certain conditions, but it was impossible for them to know what those circumstances might turn into or how far their environment will change. 

Join these sturdy little creatures as they live through the seasons of their lives, and you can experience what it’s like to be a part of the Scopicity, and become one with your environment.

You are a normal office worker who had enough of work and decided to go on a long vacation until things got better. You went home after working the late night shift at the factory and were about to sleep but you couldn't.

So instead of going straight to bed, you decide to check the news. As soon as you turn on your television set you hear two newscasters talking excitedly about something called the "Witasy Express". 


Zâr - a one-shot game about four theurges cleansing an evil spirit from the Shah's dreams. This is a (lot more readable) revision of the original rules, which were a mess, but still managed to get nominated to three Ottos at Fastaval 2022.

There is some character-play between the Theurges, but most of the game relies on dreamlike narration, with a tense card-system to drive forward the action.


Love Will Still Remain

We're chained, and when everything changes our love will stay the same

We're chained, and when everything else goes away, our love will still remain

The connections we make with others, and ourselves, follow us throughout our lives like ghosts. We are shaped by them whether we like it or not.

Love Will Still Remain is a game for 2-4 players about love, loss, change, and connection. It is inspired by Brandi Carlile's The Firewatcher's Daughter.

Participants play as a group of people who have encountered each other throughout the course of their lives. They find themselves all together once again after some time apart. Throughout the game, they reflect on their lives and especially their relationships with one another, good and bad, and trace the paths that have led them to the current day.

Created as part of the Record Collection Jam 2K23.

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Oh Wow! I gotta say that You really do write, make and publish very interesting and thoughtful RPG material... <3 Cool! Very cool, indeed.


Thanks so much!

Thank You SO much <3

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Basically, my whole RPG-making philosophy could summed as, creating interesting situations and narratives, to bring out interesting conversations at the gaming table. 

This one is not the latest, but I personally value this very highly. It means a lot to me. And I am proud of how I managed to put my feelings and thoughts on it, in a productive way. 

The game is dedicated to a late, dead, and gone person with a big personality. Who thought me many things about multimedia, guerilla marketing, and about the cyber waves in the interwebs. Rest In digital pieces, Mistah Trevor Twyman!

The game is called Cyber Waves