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So done! Happy to be on board for the jam, now it's time to enhance that, and I've got ideas (need the time)

I wanted to get in on this jam. I've got a rough draft of a game, but I will not have the time to put a proper layout (and even less time to get an illustrator to craft what I want for illustrations).

Is it ok for an alpha version to be submitted? Just rough text with little basic layout?

I've used the "Copy-Paste" SRD text to build the main text. 

Current name of the game : "This is Bigfoot. And they're my best friend!"

Les cartes décideront si le plus dur est passé !

Bienvenue, bon jeu, et merci à Kaefer !

So, I've got through my files and it appeared I already did the translation.
Just got it through the layout file, and here it is :

A short review in french :

Very good use of Lasers & Feelings, and a true feeling of what is great in a MI movie

Merci ! 

J'ai d'autres idées pour de petits modules MOSAIC. Et j'ai commencé aussi à en mettre de côté pour en tester certains.

Talked about it in french on my blog :

In short : i liked it, it's very evocative and it's totally my jam!!

I've read this game and enjoyed it. Here's my reading feedback about it, in french :

The flow of the game is appealing, with this adaptation of Rock-Paper-Cissors that matches so well the story told. Thanks!

My "reading feedback" is here, in french :

I really liked how the flow of World Wide Wrestling has been adapted for a more short/focus game. The setting is fun, and I'll try to play it definitely. But it also opens up a lot of ideas. Thanks!

I wrote a short review of the game in french. I really liked how the mechanics answers to the themes, and those intertwined mysteries. It's definitely on my to-try list.

I wrote (in french) a short review of the game after reading it. Might be playing it soon.

Whew. Your report was great to read. Really great. Thank you so much !

Regarding the interpretation of prompts. Well. I don't know to be honest. Generally, I use them to stir the story in a direction I didn't anticipate. I let it guide my ideas, my inspirations. I may have an idea of what I want to tell/play, but those prompts are here to derail it and surprise me.

Regarding the Three-Acts, it's more a design thing. I tried to have the three part of the game proposing prompts with different themes & tones. There's no clear separation of Acts in the game. It's all in the prompts, with the underlying themes changing.

Hope that helps.

Une excellente proposition de jeu solo, que j'ai découvert dans sa version originale et que je suis très heureux de voir apparaître en VF !

le jeu propose un univers Solar Punk assez enchanteur. Le conflit y est absent, sous toutes ses formes. Et cela imprègne à la fois les mécaniques, les relations avec l’environnement et les autres communautés, mais aussi la proposition de jeu. On va explorer une planète très spéciale : construite en mixant des éléments depuis des tables aléatoires, on va voyager vers un univers hautement fantastique et presque onirique. C’est rafraîchissant et bien mené, avec des exemples bien fournis qui proposent un exemple d’exploration.
Parce que l’exploration sera au coeur de l’expérience. Des hex, des ressources à dépenser pour voyager, des ressources à récolter (en espérant que la planète accepte notre demande). C’est bien mené, avec de nombreuses actions pour gérer tout cela. Ces actions suivent toutes les mêmes mécanismes, avec des marqueurs qui montent et descendent. Tout en restant dans une ambiance pacifique, optimiste, mais qui peut parfois se révéler douce-amère.
Si vous aimez les jeux d’exploration en solitaire, tout y est présent pour vous fournir de belles heures de jeu.

In a nutshell, it's a concept I took from Swords Without Master. The Tone is a word that will shape the fiction, the universe. When it's triggered, the Tone is applied to the whole scene : with the Cold Tone, ice could form where there is water, the weather would change, chill with go through spines...

It's a narrative tool, to show how the powers of the RadX are overwhelming the characters. It's kinda like when, in a comic book, a mutant (like Phoenix ?) has too much power and can't control it.

I'll post a devlog about it, explaining my thoughts about it (and an example). I'm still writing the developed game.

Thank you for this feedback. I totally undestand the weight of 370 pages for a one-shot game. I don't have a schedule for releasing this revamped version, but I'll get everyone informed through this devlog.

So, I've played through the Tutorial, and it went great. I've smashed the Rune Lord easy as soon as I got that 6 on the Amulet.

As the game is divided into two parts, so is my feedback.

For the exploration part, I'm kinda disappointed. I understand it's a tutorial (and I plan to test the first realm really soon), but I didn't feel any sense of exploration. No choice to be made, no impact on the setting. I would have liked some more "role", like having some input on the setting by questions. "What do you see burning on that pyre?" "What is the symbol carved on that amulet?" "What replaces the head of that soldier?".  The intro text (with the wake-up, the rune) got me, brought me feelings, images, but the rest of the text was less inspiring. Maybe because I couldn't act on it.

Anyway, as it's a tutorial, I fully understand the way it is, and it managed to bring the different part and guide me through those fights.

For the fight part, I really enjoyed the experience. It's a great tool to understand the game, with a nice progression between the three fights. Kinda easy, but my rolls were good. The feel of the fight is really good and we can sense the change between one enemy and two enemies. Getting a third dice also changed the game, and made it even more tactic. As a fellow designer, I can already see ways to bring fresh ideas, by playing with the dice (combining two is a great idea!), the enemies, the grid...

So far so good, in my mind, and I'll get back to you after playing with the first Realm.

Reviewed it on my (french) blog :

I really liked how it played out (try it solo). I want now to play it in a public library.

I reviewed this game on my (french) blog :

I really liked it. The layout is great, and helps with the transmission of information, the immersion. The system is simple, with a few keywords leading to prompts.

A quick review on my blog (in french) :

I played with Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. It was great (and sometimes crazy/cryptic). I reexplored the game as my character was also reexploring London, trying to find a strange stairway leading to darkness...

Now, I want to know what lies behind "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo" or "The Three Musketeers" (like The Club Dumas book).

Here's a link to my review, in french :

In a nutshell : a great tool to build those type of stories, with clearly well-defined (and designed) roles. Need to try it to fully get how it all works though. And the settings are great addition !

Here's a link to a french review I posted on my blog :

I really liked the tone of the game. The vampires are treated in a really original way, and it's great to focus on this fight. The way the setting can changed depending on some choices is also a great idea. I might offer this game as my next campaign!

Thank you very much! 

Merci pour le retour. On va le garder, au cas où ça se reproduise chez d'autres personnes.

Et je vais quand même jeter un oeil à tout ça quand j'aurai le temps.


J'ai réussi à l'imprimer sans soucis de mon côté (mais je vais vérifier quand même). Je regarde ça quand même.

Depuis quel lecteur de PDF est-ce que ça a été imprimé ?

Voilà, j'ai inauguré les soumissions avec ce Fractal Suspects écrit un dimanche matin. Pour info, la saisie s'est fait d'un bloc, dans, et le PDF est pour l'instant l'export brut de ce fichier.

J'ai prévu de compléter le jeu avec des tables aléatoires d'inspiration et un poil de mise en page.

Des questions, des avis, des commentaires, des envies ? Allez-y !

The english version is now uploaded!

Thanks for the interest! Currently, in english, you get the full games rules (files might appear as "demo" in the game page).

I've just uploaded the final version in french, which adds 13 settings to the game. Those 13 settings are currently being translated into english, and the game will be updated this week with those settings.

Thank you! That's what it is designed for: entertain you!

Thanks! I need to give it a try, to feel how it plays out. Definitely intrigued

I've got something that bugs me on the probabilities (but it may be something wanted for the feel of the game).

The Reborn starts with 2d6. They roll to avoid failure, and "win" those roll on 25% of their rolls. At least, they gain some Souls and even got an extra Soul Dice. So they roll with 3d6. That means that avoiding failure will drop to 12.5% of their rolls. And so on.

That means that getting back to campfire with even more than one Soul Dice (and starting to get better) will be a hell of task. 

Am I missing something or is this the intended design?

It's intentional game design. 

When a "Lead" (Piste in french) is declared on a prompt, it means following it will disrupt the current story (well, in fact, the current deck). Following a Lead is a strong move by the player (and one of the only ones available in the game). When you follow a Lead, you explicitely say to the game : "I want this theme to be added to the story".

I would gladely read/play a game where this notion is twisted.

Thank you ! The game we played was great. For the price, it will be free while it's still not "done". The Instructions/Questions will remain in a free version, and the Settings will be in paid version, like what I did for "Final Lap".

Thank you ! I had to reject some silly ideas to fit in this page. If I ever make a one-page extension of this game, I definitely plan to add other "Rocks/Rocky" to the mix.

I'll look into it today ! Thanks for joining in!

And happy to bring you into "creative mode" !

Thank you very much for this feedback!

Played it with my 6 year old. Got after a legendary mermaid, which was the former queen of the mermaid queendom, turned into a monster. We managed to get her back to her queendom.

The system works well and the prompts led us to fun and interesting scenes.

I'll get back to it with a more grim tone later, I think. 

Just two small things : what happens when I get back onto a revealed card ? And what happens if the card has been revealed (through another card like the satellite) and I get on it?

Yeah, it was a good idea when I was prototyping for a dedicated deck of cards, with different backs for Leads, Act 1, 2, 3 and so on. When I switched to a standard deck of cards, it wasn't useful anymore, and I shouldn't have kept it.

Well, it's corrected now ^^.

Read about some changes in the original game After the Accident. The core system rules have not changed, but some clarifications have been made.

A great solo game. The layout is immersive and brings its own kind of tone transmission. The prompts are great and the spiralling sensation of having to sacrifice something (control or bonds) in order to gain power is really well designed.

Even the world building phase is well thought and helped me build the backbone of my story.

A kinda review in french :