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This is something I want to play.

First, the story starts with an intriguing prompt. Then, the characters are all distinctive, full of character and open enough to add your own vibe.

The system is simple and based on Lady Blackbird & Dungeon World. There's many little things I like about it (the rule of Cool, the open-ness), but it's mainly the structure that got me. Alternating between Journey (Now) and Memories (Then) is a great idea. A really great one!

Last, but not least, the game is full of questions. Meaningful questions. Even ones that can be stolen for other games.

A great piece !

Yep, that's just that. I prefer to focus on the story told rather than setting difficulties. But it's just a preference, and reading it seem not to be too difficult.

A great take on the Spy/Psy themes. It combines precognition in the game universe and around the table with a character creation during the game, when needed. That's cool !

The system seems just fine for a one-shot game, with hard choices to make. Just not fond of the difficulty set by the GM (but that's just not my thing).

Will maybe test it (if time allows) and will follow the Zinequest for sure!

Swords Without Master comes in a micro version. Just play without any Overlord, and run through multiple Rogue Phases. It's just what you need to dive in this masterpiece.

The Scroll of Invocations and Scroll of Demands are bonuses. Very good bonuses. It will get straight to my SWM material, as random tables of opportunities.

Great stuff!

And now I want to rediscover Neverwhere, 20 years later ... In a few words, the Tone & Theme of the game is brilliantly set. Don't know if the system will hold many games, but the distinction about the City Above/Beneath is great, the advice on how to portray them suit my memories of Neverwhere, and I really love the main idea for the characters : Knights of the Underground Table, looking for their queen. The main scenario is set with this goal.

A brilliant solo piece about being an artefact. The numbers of types of artefacts and keepers will bring a lot of replayability. The prompts are interesting and the layout is wonderfully clean.

A tough story game, about tough themes. And that's made with great inspiration. The two profiles of the main characters are well defined, bringing strong feelings into the game.

It lacks just a bit more explanation on how to pace the questions, but it's fully playable.

Do you want to tell a story without knowing where it will lead you ? That is the proposition of Journey Away. That should be the premise of many (if not all) RPG. 

Journey Away is the tale of a journey, in a magical land. It's hopeful, refreshing, relaxing. The system is light and here only to add incertainty when needed.

The way it presents RPG to possible neophytes is great. "Just tell a story".

A fine experience of jumping alone in time. The introduction is very great. The presence of Sam, a loved one, is a brilliant idea. The different prompts went very well together, and brought an interesting story. Got stuck in my childhood place. Decided to stay there (King of Diamonds ...) while the idea of the Mission became needless to me.

A game to fight big monsters, in open way. The oracle (that can be anything) is pretty much the most important thing of the game, which can be adapted to many settings. The fight system is elegant, with dice manipulation. A good read!
My french report of the game, with the full story.

Thanks for the feedback.

I developed pretty quickly that tool, and that may be down to that reason for what you experienced.

I wanted the player to get a glimpse of their roll, to see how many 1s they rolled. And by putting the ones directly in the "stored" part doesn't fill right. I could do a transition, but my html/js skill is a little rusty on that part.

I will see if I can enhance this however, and I add it to my todolist, as well as the confirmation of the reset. Anyway, the code is open on github :

And I happily accept Pull Requests and Issues for ideas

Went through it and it was a blast. The questions are really well thought, and using the 100d6 mechanics allow for some new things (adding dice).

I will go through this review in more depth (and in more french ^^) but it transpires a great love for the art of wrestling. Thanks. That was a story I wanted to experience ...

Thanks, I'll see to update the files in the weekend.

Mon retour de lecture. TLDR : c'est très cool !

Une entrée en matière vers Bois Dormant qui donne envie. Il y a de la force et de la poésie dans le cadre de jeu décrit, qui donne envie de s'y plonger (dans celui-là et dans d'autres).

Le système demande à être testé mais semble une variation agréable de BoB, avec notamment cette gestion intelligente des couleurs en lien avec les saisons.

Ca résonne étrangement avec l'actualité, mais c'est peut-être pour ça que ça résonne encore plus ...

A very good variation around Swords Without Master, with the clever use of a recipe book. I a few pages, it conveys a special mood. I want to play it some day.

A great introduction to Wretched & Alone. But it lacks a little bit of an introduction : examples/tables to generate that Guru and who/what they are. Also, some prompts are too much precise, and are difficult to turn around depending on what you already put in the fiction.

Anyway, had a great time seeing this failure.

Une excellente campagne bac à sable, qui propose dans un minimum de pages de nombreuses pistes et un foisonnement d'idées. Voilà comment préparer et proposer une campagne pour Dungeon World ! En bonus, une superbe illustration de comment proposer un donjon non-statique, sans plan.

Thanks. I've added it. Maybe it'll help some people to play more Wretched & Alone games.

Hello all !

I've just published an alpha of a tool to run Wretched & Alone games by rolling 100d6 and eliminating the 1s, and so one till you've got no more dice.

It's a just a proof of concept right now, but I intend to update it to a more user friendly UI.

I can now play Wretched & Alone games while my jenga tower is away !

Is it okay to put that tool in the jam as it's not a game, but clearly been designed for those games ?

Merci beaucoup. J'imagine très bien un podcast dans ce genre. Pas besoin d'image ^^.

That would be a great addition to !

Well, I play three games of "Final Lap", my racing-RPG game, at a big science-fiction festival this weekend, in France. It went great ! So great I want to still improve it ! I talk about it in a devlog :

My game is called After the Accident :

It features only cards, but you will need something to write your story (ou just play it out loud if you want to).

The cards are used as prompts to create the story, following a 3-acts structure.

Thanks, I added it ! And maybe another will come. Got some idea to put on writing.

A solo narrative game, iin which you'll write the diary of someone who survived an accident, and is alone ... somewhere.

It's in beta state, and I plan to use the devlog of to show what I make in order to complete it.

Hi everyone !

I've just uploaded an old project (2017) of mine on It fits for the diceless jam, but I didn't do anything new on it. Plan to do it in the next months, and put it here to start getting feedback and planning on using the devlog.

Is it ok for me to add it to the jam, or not ?

Thanks !

Facing the Titan, a GM-less game about heroes facing... well... a Titan!

and also

In this GM-less game, you will protray heroes whose fate is to defeat a Titan. A gigantic being the wanders their world for ages. The game will end with the clash between the Company and the Titan, but it focuses on who are the Companions, who is the Titan and what brings the Companions here. What is their journey?

It's a highly narrative game, based on the mechanisms of Swords Without Master by Epidiah Ravachol. It's designed to offer 2-3 hours one-shot sessions, each with its own setting, characters and epilogue.

The game is replayable as each Titan brings a different tone to the game, a different setting. There is currently 12 Titans in the game.

Gangs of Mutants of New York is a one-page tabletop RPG in which you'll portray mutants animals. Like a Sheriff Squirrel. No, you can't play a Ninja Turtle. The tables don't allow for this option.

A free one-page supplement is present with the full game, allowing for new rules and two new types of characters : Dirty and Weird.

The Hollow Knight is an original playbook I made for Dungeon World. It's about an antique soldier, trapped in a void armor by his god, forgotten on a world that has changed. 

I've included questions to build up the character in session zero, and design notes to help understand what I wanted to bring with this playbook.