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To anyone who wants to know the review of the game. Here is an article Scoffin Games Review on what to expect in the game. Do consider reading it before downloading if you go for reviews before downloading  :) 

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I kind of liked the concept, so how effective was it?  Would love to hear your progress :) To an extent my life has really improved through playing single player games so I know its effective but I don't know how effective it would be  for everyone else

Looks cool man! Welcome

Nice! keep working and learning you will get there!

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 Welcome to the community! 

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Thanks! yes sure!

He is indeed right Asymmetric. 

Hey there! welcome. I am a 3D artist and an amatuer coder too ! loved your artstation works you have got there. My artstation if you are interested

A wise decision! Welcome to the community :)

Hey Zeshio,

I think you have everything covered here. Some small suggestions that I would like to add to this discussion are:

  • Try nail down the emotions or the message you want to convey to your audiences  or anything that you wish to explore in the game. It should give you an insight on how to approach the story and narrative strategies to adopt. 
  • Work narrative based on that message.
  • Let the player get feed back from their actions. This does not has to be all the time but just some unique place where you think it might pull off.

I know this might be things you already know, am just a beginner. But i hope it helps :)

Midst of Lost is a first person shooter game with a narrative. But it was an experiment though to find out how well the story is being conveyed through game play and music. 

Wow! That bread is a thug!

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Hi if you are into shooter games please do consider my game. It was made for fun hope you enjoy it :)

Midst of Lost is a short first person game exploring the story from the perspective of a victim in a post war scenario. He goes against his odds to destroy the creatures who reduced his loved ones to dust

This is a pretty short amatuer game made in almost a month with lots of work. 

Hope you all like it. :) 

Enjoyed making a game again it was fun

If you have played the game do give feed backs on how to improve further game designs :)

Thankz man! Really appreciate the feedback :), This 7 day project literally opened our eyes XD, 

We are now redesigning the entire game (House at the end) from scratch.

Welcome :)

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Hey IndigoGrowch, If you are looking for 3D games do consider playing and  send your feed back on our temporary space game :) How ever it was made for a game jam in 7 days might be lacking some quality and its also our first game and :) (Temporary space)

We are also working our main project House At The End, however due to game jam it was delayed a bit than expected, but a demo will be coming soon You could watch the teaser of the environment if you want :)

(house at the end)

same here bro.. :)

Started game dev when my father left. Its cool when depressions turn to motivations :) Keep up the good work brother !


   My name is Ribin R and we are a 3 man team with story writer, Sound engineer and i do the 3d modelling and engine stuff :) We are indeed beginners trying to get into the industry but we promise to deliver the best experiences as much as possible for us. We released our first game Temporary Space for the epic mega game jam :)

Thank you ! for the heads up man ! I am a solo developer as well and all you said is currently happening to me too, :( Sometimes it can get an awful lot of struggling, hoping it will succeed.

Thanks man :)

Hey guys we have released a new game that we made for epic mega jam in 7 days, since we had limited time our commitment to optimization was severely limited but still managed to get a 40 fps on 1030 ti. If you guys could suggest some common system specs for our games it would be great.  So we could target and optimize our games and test for those hard wares as much as possible. Please do share your thoughts it would help us a lot on our next project :). 

If you have any suggestions on our present release please do tell, can't update it now due to game jam rules. But we will be more than happy to do that. 

Do send feed backs as comments or mail us @ :)

Good Day to all :)

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             Temporary space is a fictional story revolving around an abandoned railway station, The player takes on the role of a spirit and explores the world on their perspective, as you find more clues more and more changes will happen to the world depicting the spirit's memories from the past to present to their death, The game completely utilizes a new way to convey the feelings of a trapped ghost who forgot everything!

Download it here :)

Its our first game

Do give feed backs on how to improve it. Its made in 7 days for game jam :)