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Thank you so much for playing the game! It means a lot and yes I am hoping to improve upon this game soon this was made in 7 days for the game jam. Hopefully I will make it better! Thanks again!

A very cool concept ! I loved the game keep up the good work!

Awesome game man! Hats off to the intense hard work ! keep going :)

Hey there! thanks for playing my game and it's really cool that you enjoyed the game. Thanks a lot! :)

I am sorry about that my volume was off still cool though! Keep going!

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I loved the gameplay, it's very relaxing. Some soothing music and sound effects here and there and it could be even better ! Overall it's a pretty cool game! Keep it up!

Thanks!, yes I did'nt get enough time to play test for the story. Even though that was the core of the game XD

Thanks Man!

Retrieval is a short first person interactive 3D platformer. The game is made as an attempt to go through the mind of a psychopath and bringing him down to earth using a newly found drug. The player plays as the drug altering his memories to form illusions of the trauma.

This game is made for the Unreal Epic mega jam 2019.

However I would love to get a feedback on the game to improve my game dev skills. The game is about 20 mins long mostly a emotional one. Let me know what you guys think if you guys would love to see something in the game or certain changes to be made do comment out :). Please note as of now it doesnt have a pause menu. As soon as the judging is over I will update it with what ever changes you all think is absolutely needed.

Link :


A pretty cool game! Keep it up!

Loved the atmosphere!  and the raindrop is cute.

Really cool gameplay man! Loved it Keep it up.

I loved the art style of the game it's really attractive.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game. It really meant a lot! :) Keeps my motivations up!

Hehe, first of all thankyou ! for taking the time. I wasnt able to debug and solve all the issues. It was indeed rushed. The car was supposed to work like a close companion. It can sense the player getting hurt and scream. I really had a lot of ideas to be implemented. But at the end of the day I wasnt able to fully implement anything.

Thank you so much! It really made my day :)

I loved the concept about the light and the main menu interactions. Keep it up!

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Smashed a lot XD. Good job on the game ! I loved it!

WIS is a first person exploration game set in a post apocalyptic world. Join WIS, a trash cleaning robot to find out what happened to everyone.

WIS Link

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To anyone who wants to know the review of the game. Here is an article Scoffin Games Review on what to expect in the game. Do consider reading it before downloading if you go for reviews before downloading  :) 

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I kind of liked the concept, so how effective was it?  Would love to hear your progress :) To an extent my life has really improved through playing single player games so I know its effective but I don't know how effective it would be  for everyone else

Looks cool man! Welcome

Nice! keep working and learning you will get there!

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 Welcome to the community! 

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Thanks! yes sure!

He is indeed right Asymmetric. 

Hey there! welcome. I am a 3D artist and an amatuer coder too ! loved your artstation works you have got there. My artstation if you are interested

A wise decision! Welcome to the community :)

Hey Zeshio,

I think you have everything covered here. Some small suggestions that I would like to add to this discussion are:

  • Try nail down the emotions or the message you want to convey to your audiences  or anything that you wish to explore in the game. It should give you an insight on how to approach the story and narrative strategies to adopt. 
  • Work narrative based on that message.
  • Let the player get feed back from their actions. This does not has to be all the time but just some unique place where you think it might pull off.

I know this might be things you already know, am just a beginner. But i hope it helps :)

Midst of Lost is a first person shooter game with a narrative. But it was an experiment though to find out how well the story is being conveyed through game play and music. 

Wow! That bread is a thug!

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Hi if you are into shooter games please do consider my game. It was made for fun hope you enjoy it :)

Midst of Lost is a short first person game exploring the story from the perspective of a victim in a post war scenario. He goes against his odds to destroy the creatures who reduced his loved ones to dust

This is a pretty short amatuer game made in almost a month with lots of work. 

Hope you all like it. :) 

Enjoyed making a game again it was fun

If you have played the game do give feed backs on how to improve further game designs :)

Thankz man! Really appreciate the feedback :), This 7 day project literally opened our eyes XD, 

We are now redesigning the entire game (House at the end) from scratch.

Welcome :)

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Hey IndigoGrowch, If you are looking for 3D games do consider playing and  send your feed back on our temporary space game :) How ever it was made for a game jam in 7 days might be lacking some quality and its also our first game and :) (Temporary space)

We are also working our main project House At The End, however due to game jam it was delayed a bit than expected, but a demo will be coming soon You could watch the teaser of the environment if you want :)

(house at the end)