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Sounds awesome! Good luck to Smoug!

Hi, I think I answered your question on twitter, but only the new copy is publicly available, so the one you have should be up-to-date.

Thank you! Glad to hear you liked it!

You can certainly play it with 2 (one GM and one player. Some of the character abilities work better if you have multiple PCs, but there are no real problems with having just 1!

If you only have 1 player, I would recommend making sure they know about the Hirelings section (so that they have some extra muscle on their adventures), or allowing them to play 2 PCs. It's also totally fine for them to just have 1 PC, the game will just be a bit harder for them.

That's so great! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks! The other learning paths I used a template linked in the back of the documents, but I ended up creating this one from scratch because the template was causing me some troubles on a multi-page document.

Poetically illegible is the correct term for it haha

Ah, thank you! I'll fix that right away

Sorry? Not quite sure what you mean. If you're asking about sending money, paying for one and then getting the rest for free is better than paying for all of them one at a time.

Yes, that's essentially it. Also, Curse of Endings is easier to trigger in many cases, because falling in love and having their heart broken are things that characters will only do by their own volition, but messing up their lives can be triggered by a whole host of different things.

Also in my experience, main characters in Monsterhearts falls in love/have their heart broken a few times each campaign, but everyone messes up their lives almost every. Single. Session. submitting this.

Thanks! That looks like it worked for me too.

Hi! Mac user here, whenever I try to open the application it says '“Mable_v_4” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.' Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

Just Fucking Die

A narrative game about a murderer who has targeted an immortal

A simple narrative game that should be quite a bit of weird fun.

The Day We Leave Our Forests To Die In Beautiful Silence

A diceless game about the last days of elven civilization.

  • Diceless
  • Narrative focus in the vein of dream askew/godbound
  • 5 playbooks
  • 13 pages

I'm thinking about creating a supplement document with a list of Greys (threats to elven civilization), and another playbook or two. Any critiques or thoughts are much appreciated.