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I like the idea of adding the game to another one. And not only supernatural/horror related games. Since this technique was common in the 19th century, I think it also fits perfectly in a steampunk-themed game. Can you imagine Jules Verne writing in the middle of a séance? Hell, yeah!!! In addition, GraveCard, my other game, could fit like a glove on Mörk Börg.

On a personal note, you say on your playthrough "I have used the Psychomanteum process before in real life paranormal investigation with interesting results". We're on the same page, buddy ;)

Thank you very much for your kind words here and on your blog!!! And if you try it in a large game, just let me know. It will be a pleasure to read the results!!!

Kind regards,

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I'm thinking about a surreal horror game in which you are a Keeper in the Dreamlands. Your goal is to guide and protect the sleepers while fighting Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis creatures and/or recurring bad dreams (i.e. teeth falling out), so they can have a good sleeptime. Inspired by artists like Zdzisław Beksiński, H. R. Giger and Salvador Dalí.

Wow, amazing! Thank you so much for the time invested in playing and sharing the playthrough! The idea of being a "real" seance instead of a personal journey was pretty original. And the dude being a fraud was the icing on the cake. You took my game, and made it your own by giving it your personal touch. Love it! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you very much again, K-Ramstack! :) :) :)

I used EZM to make the one-page print version of my game. It's a very good software! 🙌

Thank you very much! Any feedback will be more than welcome, of course. Hope you like them! 🙌🙂

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Hi there, I'm Javier, a rookie ttrpg designer from Barcelona! I submitted one of my games right now. It's an 8 pages hack of Takuma Okada's Alone among the stars, so it's a journaling game. Scrying is about receiving messages from the Other Side using a Black Mirror.

You can find it in a pdf format and in one page zine format jus ready to print and fold (and play). It's a paid game, but I added a few Community Copies if you're in a financial bind. And if you like this (or my other game), don't forget to review it or rate it. That will help me a lot.

Thank you very much!

Hands down, one of my favourite W&A games. I'm working on my first W&A game and To Reign in Hell is definitely one of my inspirations. Thank you and congratulations, Cody! :)

What can I say... I'm a funeral doom lover. This game looks insane! Can't wait to print it and play!


You are an urban explorer. A creepy one. There's nothing you love more in the world than wandering through cemeteries, enjoying the tranquility and silence that such a place can provide. But it also stimulates your imagination. You are aware that every grave tells a story. And you are here to tell those stories to us.


Eres un explorador urbano. Uno siniestro. No hay nada que te guste más en el mundo que pasear por los cementerios, disfrutando de la tranquilidad y el silencio que puede proporcionar un lugar así. Pero también estimula tu imaginación. Eres consciente de que cada tumba cuenta una historia. Y tú estás aquí para contárnoslas.


Gravecard + Scrying:

Hands down, my favourite Alone game❤

Això pinta molt bé! Acabo de llegir La maledicció de Bernat Revern i ja tinc ganes de jugar-la. Enhorabona! :)

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Hi! I've used one of your images (Coffins) to create the front cover of my game Gravecard. If you want to take a look, check it out here:

I've included a link to your profile in the pdf, of course. :)

Thank you very much! Looking forward to see more of your art!

¿La semilla para una futura traducción completa del juego? ¡Ojalá! Buen trabajo. ¡Muchas gracias! :)

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Hi! Can I suggest Spanish? It's one of the most spoken language in the world (the 4th, I think) and there's a large role-playing community in Spain and South America.

Btw... What a game! The physical copy looks amazing!

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Acabo de bajarlo y leerlo y pinta de maravilla. A ver si esta semana encuentro tiempo y lo juego. :)

Gravecard: A solo game about exploring graveyards and imagining the lifes of the people buried there. It's based on the Carta System.

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What I like the most about this kind of games is that besides being funny, they are an excellent worldbuilding tool. Looking forward to seeing that dungeon! Thank you for your kind words! :)

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That's a bonus! If you don't enjoy the game, at least you'll enjoy another kind of Carta game. (ba dum tss!)

Trivia: I suck at poker :(

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The idea of a river sounds pretty good, but not for this game because it's a storytelling horror game set in a cemetery.  A single card would represent a grave, unless you have a poker hand: a pair are two lovers buried together; a full house is a family with their three children; a poker is a mausoleum... I'm still thinking about it.

Thanks for commenting! :)

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It's only a vague idea and I'm still not quite sure, but I'm thinking about to include some poker mechanics into the game I'm developing. For example, you could win extra points if you turn over in a row a three of a kind, a flush or a full house.

Woa, I love it! Thank you for sharing it! I'm gonna try jpg-glitch. Looks interesting.

Have you tried Glitch! 4 Android? It's very good app. I also use Gimp and G'mic. This plugin has a lot of features useful for glitch art (ultrawarp, pixelsort, and so...) You can see the result in my submission to the Zine Jam.

Good job and looking forward for more! :)

This is what I call a (g)rave!  (ba dum tss)

Dude, Calamurder is getting numbers to become a recurring bitch in my playings! 

Very cool! I like it! :)

Aquí te dejo mi tarjeta ;)

It's always nice to see here games with Chaos Magick vibes :)

¡Es muy original! ¡Me encanta!

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You got me at the retro/vaporwave aesthetic! And the text is simply amazing. Looking forward to see more zines like this! :)

Nice! :)

Cool zine! :)


Amazing!!! :)

This is so cute!