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Paddy Hutchinson

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Hey all.

Figured I'd start a little Q&A discussion thread, in case anybody needed a place to chatter about the jam. I recognise "d20 but not DnD" is a pretty wide open statement, but these forums are great to help refine thoughts.

Cheers, Paddy

Thanks. Good to know I'm not alone with this. 

Hey all, Paddy here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia... Though probably easier to find over at, where you can get a pretty clear idea of what my gang and I sink our teeth into storygamewise. 

I think I came here after seeing Jammi tweet about it, and having spent my life mostly avoiding OSR like a plague... But from what I've seen, I like what #Sworddream represents. 

Currently hoping to have two games submitted, The Salt Traders (about tall tales and the ancient Sumerian salt trade) and For the People! (loosely inspired by early Soviet propaganda films and Nick Wedig games). 

Stay awesome team. 

Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking about socialist approaches to storytelling... 

Me oh my, The Salt Traders came into the world so much easier than this one, but I should have at least a prototype of For the People! (I feel like the exclamation point is obligatory...) ready by jam's end.

Its coming out a bit boardgamey... Not in a bad way, that's just how the economy has kind of played out. Its got quite a bit of Nick Wedig's Longshot in its DNA, so... Yeah. Here's hoping it comes together. 

Pounding. Synthwave. 

Mostly Perturbator, but Carpenter Brut and Quine get in a lot, and we've had a recent coup in the form of Rook's album Shed Blood (plenty of vox). 

But that's what gets my mind to pay attention long enough to do things. 

Probably has an effect on my designs. But at least that'll be consistent. 

Well, game might not be the best term, but here we are. If its any clue I think it was distributed through itch. 

This little social game was pitched as the players being AIs leaving messages for each other as the huge Machine-City around them died. Players would receive little prompts, which they would respond to by recording little messages and sending them into the Twitter tag cloud until they finally got their death notice and their signal died. 

I'm almost certain I didn't dream this. 

Anyobe remember it? 

Hey all. Quorganism here, perhaps more frequently known as Paddy (he/him) from Liberation Industries, an odd little crew here at the bottom of the world who record all sorts of games, though our luck with Twitch has been basically cursed. Been immersed in ttrpgs the last dozen years or so, mostly kicked off with Call of Cthulhu and Dark Heresy, though we suspect the seeds were planted much earlier by GWs Inquisitor and Necromunda. 

Got a couple games here, and a few more over at The Freedom Factory, with the current main project being Bastard Breed, a game about tense werewolf families based of Steve Hickey's Soth, and my own fragmented urban fantasy series, Angeldolls. Always down for collab if you feel like you need weird fiction, obsessive use of playing cards, or a gang of enthusiastic strangers to pressure test your game, complete with sound effects. 

If I had to pick a theme for my work, its generally about picking up the pieces after something breaks, whether that's your home, your reality, or your means to pay rent this month.