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A beautifully presented collection of small games. Something in there to provide some great opportunities for most groups, and plenty more that any enthusiastic player or designer can mine for ideas. Absolutely worth picking up.

This stuff is absolute gold. Some elegantly simple and effective layout, a great variety of games and some brilliantly imaginative pitches (love Ghost Writer, as a degenerating AI author myself). More stellar work from UFO!

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad it helped you cultivate such an intriguing world.

Interesting little number right here.

The control of multiple characters, all with their own names and personalities gives it a very different feel to your standard 1to1 rpg, teetering more perhaps into something like Necromunda or Battle Brothers which is certainly a tick in its favour for me.

I get a bit of sense of that Battle Brothers or Hard West overworld too, with your desperate little company marching across the countryside gathering up resources for a final showdown.

Choosing what troops you have available at the start can be a quick and dirty little faction game, which I like. 

I'm getting a lot of video game references in this, but it's no bad thing. Sort of boardgames that feeling, which I think is great. Nowhere near grokking all the synergies myself yet, but keen to give it a try.

Great little pamphlet game here. Explore the ruined world and the strange events of your robot's past as you unpick memories and fight the inevitable. 

Easy to learn, tunes well to a variety of play styles and I think equally suited to quick burn or longer form multi-session games. 

Well worth the look.

This right here? Good shit.

Our creator seems fully aware of the challenge of playing with the idea of isolation in so fundamentally social a framework, but I think those comes through with the goods. If you've a hankering to explore fragments of soft tragedy in the vein of shows like Midnight Diner, long for the regrets that you might have conjured in games like Poutine or are just desperate to see layout composed of any imaginable configuration of the titular painting... I cannot stress enough, GET ON THIS.

I love it's exploration of folks lonely together in between spaces they can't really be themselves. I think it's got a lot in it to enjoy.

Ya know what? I like this a lot.

Not exactly my go to game, I'm not so plugged into what I guess you might call Sworddream or Old School style or what have you, but this is a really tight little pamphlet game. I like that characters are usually some combo of classes in this style, it feels more fun and customisable than the old Dragon game... and the classes provided are real characterful as well.

I don’t know that I've quite sussed out how the numbers play, but I love the sort of wild magic scifi it seems to be going for. I could see it playing pretty neatly for your Moebius psychedelic adventures, or even something more like warhammer 40k. The different kinds of critters are all designated neatly and provide different resources, which gives them all a unique flavour and let's you battle all kinds of weird Demon Wizards and Cyber Slimes.

So yeah... check it out. Cool little bite sized one.

Solid stuff for a game still in progress.

If you wanna play a team of space-bastards in an uncaring universe, or if you feel your Blades in the Dark, Eclipse Phase or 40K itches are insufficiently scratched then get on this.

Great variations on character creation, an intriguing interstellar diaspora and some great art incoming. Get on it.

Oh wow... for what seems like such a simple pitch - zombie splatterpunk from the other side - you get a really intriguing game.

No messing around. Get this.

Sounds like I got something right then. Thanks for the response!

Haha, snuck in just before the deadline!

I missed Record Collection 2k20, and though I imagine there will be (or perhaps already has been) another one this year, I realised I had a near complete game here! And I mean I still listen to this album a bunch...

We had such high hopes for this place upon its opening. 

May your cries for greater power be answered. 

Yeah, no problem Michael, go for it. I always thought it was a bit funny how you can't make your responses public on here... But yeah, Font was a great read. 

I guess just list me like a movie reviewer if you're gonna use it, "Paddy from Liberation Industries" should work as a handle. 

Hey all.

Figured I'd start a little Q&A discussion thread, in case anybody needed a place to chatter about the jam. I recognise "d20 but not DnD" is a pretty wide open statement, but these forums are great to help refine thoughts.

Cheers, Paddy

Thanks. Good to know I'm not alone with this. 

Hey all, Paddy here, coming at you from Melbourne, Australia... Though probably easier to find over at, where you can get a pretty clear idea of what my gang and I sink our teeth into storygamewise. 

I think I came here after seeing Jammi tweet about it, and having spent my life mostly avoiding OSR like a plague... But from what I've seen, I like what #Sworddream represents. 

Currently hoping to have two games submitted, The Salt Traders (about tall tales and the ancient Sumerian salt trade) and For the People! (loosely inspired by early Soviet propaganda films and Nick Wedig games). 

Stay awesome team. 

Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking about socialist approaches to storytelling... 

Me oh my, The Salt Traders came into the world so much easier than this one, but I should have at least a prototype of For the People! (I feel like the exclamation point is obligatory...) ready by jam's end.

Its coming out a bit boardgamey... Not in a bad way, that's just how the economy has kind of played out. Its got quite a bit of Nick Wedig's Longshot in its DNA, so... Yeah. Here's hoping it comes together. 

Pounding. Synthwave. 

Mostly Perturbator, but Carpenter Brut and Quine get in a lot, and we've had a recent coup in the form of Rook's album Shed Blood (plenty of vox). 

But that's what gets my mind to pay attention long enough to do things. 

Probably has an effect on my designs. But at least that'll be consistent. 

Well, game might not be the best term, but here we are. If its any clue I think it was distributed through itch. 

This little social game was pitched as the players being AIs leaving messages for each other as the huge Machine-City around them died. Players would receive little prompts, which they would respond to by recording little messages and sending them into the Twitter tag cloud until they finally got their death notice and their signal died. 

I'm almost certain I didn't dream this. 

Anyobe remember it? 

Hey all. Quorganism here, perhaps more frequently known as Paddy (he/him) from Liberation Industries, an odd little crew here at the bottom of the world who record all sorts of games, though our luck with Twitch has been basically cursed. Been immersed in ttrpgs the last dozen years or so, mostly kicked off with Call of Cthulhu and Dark Heresy, though we suspect the seeds were planted much earlier by GWs Inquisitor and Necromunda. 

Got a couple games here, and a few more over at The Freedom Factory, with the current main project being Bastard Breed, a game about tense werewolf families based of Steve Hickey's Soth, and my own fragmented urban fantasy series, Angeldolls. Always down for collab if you feel like you need weird fiction, obsessive use of playing cards, or a gang of enthusiastic strangers to pressure test your game, complete with sound effects. 

If I had to pick a theme for my work, its generally about picking up the pieces after something breaks, whether that's your home, your reality, or your means to pay rent this month.