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Hello and welcome back to Record Collection 2k20! 

Record Collection is a game jam where we challenge you to make a game that is based on, inspired by, or an interpretation of a music album! Simply pick an album, listen to it, and then make a game that evokes it.

Our Jam Guide Lines are as folllows:

  • Your game must be directly inspired by an album, ep, song, artist,  genre, or soundtrack.
  • Your game must include a direct reference to lyrics, song title, artist title, art, or something else that directly points to the record, atleast once in your game.
  • You must include a link to the inspirational music.

Want an extra challenge? Try meeting these completely optional goals!

  • A game meant to be played during the length of the album!
  • A game that only uses the lyrics for the flavor text, no other written material.
  • A game dealing with a bands entire discography.
  • Invert it! A music album about an RPG!

If you have any questions on this game jam, please @ me on twitter @RevRyeBread! Or on discord at RileyHopkins#3582

This jam does not permit bigots to submit games. If that bothers you do not submit your game.


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A privateer journaling game
A journaling game of self-discovery for one writer.
Resist becoming one of Them and find your way home
When You're Holding Out For A Hero
A virtual LARP for three or more people
A Set of Locations, Details, and Other Interesting Tidbits
Southern Gothic storytelling and Sacred Harp singing
A map-drawing game about small towns
A Freeform LARP for 2 to 10 players, two folding chairs, and a lucha mask.
A duet about secret bases and grandiose plans
a game about visiting places in your hometown - inspired by Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"
A Fiasco playset about a song about a restaurant
Role Playing
a singing game without words
The Dance is about to start! Will you join?!
A map-building and story-telling game inspired by the beauty of lying.
a tavern storytelling game about seasoned skyship travelers
A game about loss and grief.
Play in browser
look alive, sunshine // twine short story based on danger days
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A competitive two player card game where one of you is literally Carly Rae Jepsen in real life
Urban Pastel RPG about building imaginary cities and travelling them.
A game about pleading to a powerless god
a lit game by adam vass and will jobst