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Ya know what? I like this a lot.

Not exactly my go to game, I'm not so plugged into what I guess you might call Sworddream or Old School style or what have you, but this is a really tight little pamphlet game. I like that characters are usually some combo of classes in this style, it feels more fun and customisable than the old Dragon game... and the classes provided are real characterful as well.

I don’t know that I've quite sussed out how the numbers play, but I love the sort of wild magic scifi it seems to be going for. I could see it playing pretty neatly for your Moebius psychedelic adventures, or even something more like warhammer 40k. The different kinds of critters are all designated neatly and provide different resources, which gives them all a unique flavour and let's you battle all kinds of weird Demon Wizards and Cyber Slimes.

So yeah... check it out. Cool little bite sized one.