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Share your progress!

A topic by Giantkiller Industries created Jul 08, 2019 Views: 423 Replies: 20
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What are you working on? Want to share ideas for a little motivation? Share them here!


I'll go first. This is just a drawing, but perhaps I'll share some text later.

I'm working on Eldritch Space, a Spelljammer-esque hack for OSR systems. I still haven't settled on which game to use for my base rules platform, but I've been  doing a ton of drawing and brainstorming. Here's a voidship built on a giant mushroom.

Jam Host(+3)

Great topic, & I love the mushroom art, it's very evocative. I'm looking forward to checking out Eldritch Space! 

I'm working on a hack of lasers & feelings/trollbabes - hopefully it ends up as a fun, super light set of rules for playing osr games. I'm gonna include some tables for creating your own *dreamy adventures, but the rules should work for existing modules too.


I'm working on a game loosely based on Lasers & Feelings called Pixels & Platforms, meant to evoke the sensibilities of retro-2D platformer videogames such as Super Mario, MetroidVania, and Megaman. While it's dice mechanic is largely based on Lasers & Feelings, I imagine it as being like a puzzle-platformer, sort of combining "storygame" and "gamist" sensibilities.

Here's a commentable link if anyone wants to give it a look! I'm hoping to have it ready for publishing within the next week or so!

Also, I'm planning on running a playtest this weekend over discord and could use one or two more players, so if you're interested please let me know!

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Erm... I read a few blog posts recently about introducing Marxist/socialist gameplay into the OSR and thought to myself "why not try to adapt some of these ideas to mix in with more general OSR non-combat themes and try to apply that to D&D 4e. How could that be a horrifying abomination?" So, yeah... that's what I'm trying to do 4e, but you don't get rewarded for punching things and instead have to try and cooperate to make the world a better place for all the monsters who live there :/

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My submission to DreamJam is going to be Hello, World, a forged in the dark hack about a post-scarcity digital Utopia.  Imagine touchstones like Transistor or TRON!  Here's my first development diary:


Playtest over the weekend sadly didn't work out :(, but hoping to run a playtest soon. I've also commissioned a piece of art for the thumbnail that will hopefully attract people to the game. I've worked with this artist before and he does good stuff so I think it'll be good. Should be finished by the 24th and then I'll submit!


I’m working on a series of three funnel adventures for Dungeon World. The project is inspired by the Funnel World supplement, by Jason Lutes, and includes my own rules for creating level 0 villagers, random tables, optional tools, and three scenarios to kick off the adventure.


Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking about socialist approaches to storytelling... 

Me oh my, The Salt Traders came into the world so much easier than this one, but I should have at least a prototype of For the People! (I feel like the exclamation point is obligatory...) ready by jam's end.

Its coming out a bit boardgamey... Not in a bad way, that's just how the economy has kind of played out. Its got quite a bit of Nick Wedig's Longshot in its DNA, so... Yeah. Here's hoping it comes together. 

Hi Paddy,

I wanted to get in touch with you about a review you left for my game FONT and wasn't sure where I could track you down.  Just wanted to say thank you and ask if you would be ok with me quoting your review when telling folks about FONT.  Sorry for the off-topic and thanks!



Yeah, no problem Michael, go for it. I always thought it was a bit funny how you can't make your responses public on here... But yeah, Font was a great read. 

I guess just list me like a movie reviewer if you're gonna use it, "Paddy from Liberation Industries" should work as a handle. 


Saviors of Hogtown is nearing completion!

Saviors is a supplement slash adventure pack for Dungeon World. It’s also my first foray into using professional layout software and the first project I’ve done in collaboration with an artist. Here is the front page teaser for the titular adventure!


After a playtest that went really poorly, I'm feeling significantly worse about my game at this point than I'd like, to the point that I considered not even submitting it. I think there were some extenuating circumstances around that playtest, and I think the core of the game still is what I want it to be, and I've made some significant changes to the game, but I'm just not going to have the time to do as much playtesting as I'd need to get it to where I want it to be in time.

However, I mentioned before that I commissioned a piece of art for the game, and it looks amazing, so I decided I'm still going to publish it, I was already planning on publishing it PWYW anyway, and I'll update it as I get more testing and can refine it over time. I'm just a little frustrated still, but hopefully people will check it out and tell me what they think and maybe it'll come together the way I want it to soon.


Go for it anyway! It's a jam; your submission doesn't need to be gem-hard. If it's a PWYW, it's an oppo to learn by getting feedback from people who DL it.


I've been working on Pipedream, my weed-addicted halfling detective game, and I think work on the setting and introductory adventures is going to take me past the original deadline. With illness at home and family activities planned this weekend, I may not even make an extended deadline.

My artist has done really well though, and my playtesters seemed quite pleased despite getting completely wiped out in the finale of my playtest adventure...


Came in yesterday and it looks awesome! He gave it to me in multiple layers and at multiple sizes, but here's one of them.


The extension on this Jam has meant that not only can i make changes based on playtester feedback but also scavenge for public domain imagery for placeholder art! Particularly pleased with this chapter break:



I published and submitted it! I realized I'm probably not going to have time to make substantial changes before the deadline, so decided to just put it out there! I know it still needs further development, but I hope people enjoy it even as it currently is!


I’ve just released my biggest tabletop product yet as part of 2019’s Dream Jam!

Saviors of Hogtown and Other Stories is a supplement and adventure starter for Dungeon World.

The 40 page pdf follows in the footsteps of Funnel World (by our own Jason Lutes) as it explores the “funnel” style of character creation with new rules and context.

Each of the three adventures serves as a jumping off point for a cadre of villagers-come-adventurers as they tackle quests well above their station or strive to save their own bacon.

Oh, and did I mention it features some amazing hand drawn art by Al Lukehart?

Happy to answer any questions about the project. 

💖 Justin


I started 4 projects, but the first three have grown beyond the scope of the jam (will be working on them in the future). So, In the last week I decided to make a quick pamphlet module just to finish something. The extension allowed me to spend more time on making it look pretty.
Here's a little teaser:

...I also have "and other stories" in the title, but I think there won't be any confusion between my and Dissonance's entry ;)


Real world tried so hard to derail me on this one but I'm super pleased to say that hello, world is a full "beta" experience with all the various little bits and pieces of rules needed to run a campaign at least somewhere on a page facing the GM.  Here's the front page of the player handout:

Yeah, the setting is a bit of a lot.  I'm curious to find out if folks pick up what I'm trying to put down or it's too byzantine and sprawling a thing in it's present form.   Good luck to everyone else in the jam!