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After a playtest that went really poorly, I'm feeling significantly worse about my game at this point than I'd like, to the point that I considered not even submitting it. I think there were some extenuating circumstances around that playtest, and I think the core of the game still is what I want it to be, and I've made some significant changes to the game, but I'm just not going to have the time to do as much playtesting as I'd need to get it to where I want it to be in time.

However, I mentioned before that I commissioned a piece of art for the game, and it looks amazing, so I decided I'm still going to publish it, I was already planning on publishing it PWYW anyway, and I'll update it as I get more testing and can refine it over time. I'm just a little frustrated still, but hopefully people will check it out and tell me what they think and maybe it'll come together the way I want it to soon.


Go for it anyway! It's a jam; your submission doesn't need to be gem-hard. If it's a PWYW, it's an oppo to learn by getting feedback from people who DL it.