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Fair request. 


Go for it anyway! It's a jam; your submission doesn't need to be gem-hard. If it's a PWYW, it's an oppo to learn by getting feedback from people who DL it.

I've become a fan of this site, too. It's public domain magazines & comic books from last century.

I'll go first. This is just a drawing, but perhaps I'll share some text later.

I'm working on Eldritch Space, a Spelljammer-esque hack for OSR systems. I still haven't settled on which game to use for my base rules platform, but I've been  doing a ton of drawing and brainstorming. Here's a voidship built on a giant mushroom.

What are you working on? Want to share ideas for a little motivation? Share them here!

Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

I wish itch included a feature for this when you set the jam up (so I asked them).

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Hi, I'm Jack Graham, one of the hosts of this jam.

As a game designer, I'm interested in working with the OSR aesthetic (moody, DIY, metal-influenced) in new & subversive ways. I was the lead writer on the Eclipse Phase RPG for ten years, and I've freelanced for Pathfinder and The Laundry Files. My dream is  SWORDDREAM, but sometimes it has axes, too. Currently my main project is my zine, Skeleton Wizard, which contains a combo of D&D and story games articles.

My co-hosts are Megan (Mogibear) and Jammi (Sword Queen). Let one of us know if you have questions. We'll try to answer anything we see posted here as quickly as possible.

I'm very excited at the number of people who've joined. Can't wait to see what you all create this month!

A product that follows the 9 Principles (see other thread) is definitely *DREAMing.
Beyond that, I suggest looking at the list of games we suggest hacking for the jam.

Welcome to DREAMJAM!

We can't wait to see what everyone creates this month. As we get started, tell us a little about yourself!

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you?
  3. What got you interested in SWORDDREAM & other *DREAMs?


The idea of the jam is to create something during. Brainstorming before is OK, but please submit things that you'll create primarily during the coming month of July.

  1. You can work on ideas ahead of time, but most of the actual work should be done during the jam. Stuff that is already done should not go in the jam.
  2. Multiple entries are fine.
  3. It is definitely first-timer friendly.
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There's no one SWORDDREAM, but anyone who cleaves to the Nine Principles of *DREAM is definitely SWORDDREAMing. (Or maybe they're having a SNAILDREAM, a FIREDREAM, or even an EGGDREAM! ... Point is, they're *DREAMing).

I figured out that there are a number of video games that I totally zone out to, so I made a youtube playlist of the music from them. I can get a lot of work done if my brain is fooled into thinking it's playing Dwarf Fortress. :D

Yeah, exactly. Some rituals are also games, but what defines game-ness?

Yeah, I think what I'm grasping for is a minimal definition of "play."

I'd go with, "There's a chance of outcomes you can influence but not entirely control." I was going to say, "There's a chance you'll lose," but 'lose,' isn't neutral enough.

I'm working on a solo LARP, something I've never done before.

I'm curious about people's thoughts: what makes a solo LARP a game? What distinguishes it from a guided meditation session or ritual?