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The artist is harveydentmd on fiverr and he is awesome! 

Pixels & Platforms: The Platform Crawl RPG

A micro-Tabletop RPG primarily for one-shot adventures inspired by retro 2D platformer video games.

The rules of Pixels & Platforms are inspired by the tabletop RPG Lasers & Feelings by John Harper, but build upon that framework for a somewhat more complex game. 

Pixels & Platforms uses three attributes, and is designed to emulate the feel of retro 2D platformer videogames in tabletop form. This is a game of Platform Crawling; where a Stage is like a dungeon and each Screen is a puzzle platforming challenge!

It is available as PWYW, so give it a look!

I published and submitted it! I realized I'm probably not going to have time to make substantial changes before the deadline, so decided to just put it out there! I know it still needs further development, but I hope people enjoy it even as it currently is!

Came in yesterday and it looks awesome! He gave it to me in multiple layers and at multiple sizes, but here's one of them.

After a playtest that went really poorly, I'm feeling significantly worse about my game at this point than I'd like, to the point that I considered not even submitting it. I think there were some extenuating circumstances around that playtest, and I think the core of the game still is what I want it to be, and I've made some significant changes to the game, but I'm just not going to have the time to do as much playtesting as I'd need to get it to where I want it to be in time.

However, I mentioned before that I commissioned a piece of art for the game, and it looks amazing, so I decided I'm still going to publish it, I was already planning on publishing it PWYW anyway, and I'll update it as I get more testing and can refine it over time. I'm just a little frustrated still, but hopefully people will check it out and tell me what they think and maybe it'll come together the way I want it to soon.

Playtest over the weekend sadly didn't work out :(, but hoping to run a playtest soon. I've also commissioned a piece of art for the thumbnail that will hopefully attract people to the game. I've worked with this artist before and he does good stuff so I think it'll be good. Should be finished by the 24th and then I'll submit!

Thank you everyone for all of this advice! I've chosen to commission a piece from an artist on fiverr who I've worked with before and does good work, because I just don't have much skill or passion for visual design. We haven't finalized the deal yet so if it falls through for some reason then I will make a mad-dash with some of this advice haha, but if this commission does work out, I think it'll look really good.

Hi, I'm Max! I'm a Data Engineer in NYC, and I've been writing a worldbuilding / RPG blog for around a year now, Weird & Wonderful Worlds. I've been wanting to publish for a long time now but was always intimidated and never took the plunge, so I'm super appreciative of this jam. I think I've got a fun game planned that's on-track to publish soon, and I'm really excited to finally be able to say I've published a game, regardless of how it's received.

I was getting really frustrated with the fragmentation of the RPG community and these hostilities between storygames and OSR, and SWORDDREAM really appealed to me as being a place for fresh perspectives and a community for openness and positivity. I hope this all ends up going well and injects some much needed energy and diversity into the scene.

Incidentally, I relatively recently made an "Unofficial by design" subreddit for SWORDDREAM.  Right now it's a really small community, a place mainly for people to share their works, which is totally cool, but I hope it can become a place for respectful discussion as well.

Swords & Dreams personally rolls off the tongue better to me and seems like a really clever L&F-style dichotomy. Swords in the Dream as a FitD game also sounds cool though! Good luck!

I was planning on publishing as PWYW anyway, but I support this in spirit!

DREAMJAM community · Created a new topic Art / Logo Advice?

So I've never published a game before and have no visual art or graphic design skills! The version of my game, Pixels & Platforms, that I'll be publishing for DREAMJAM is artless (maybe I'll commission art for a "Deluxe" addition in the future), but I'm pretty happy with the layout and presentation otherwise (although I'm sure it could be better).

That being said, I'd like to at least make a simple logo / "cover art" for the game to get it noticed and to make the page look better, but I'm struggling really hard with how to do it. I've considered scraping something together using open source pixel art from Open Game Art, but again, no visual design skills.

I've also tried finding an online logo generator with an appropriate text or font-style, but haven't found anything free that I felt good about. How do people make their logos / cover arts?!

I'm working on a game loosely based on Lasers & Feelings called Pixels & Platforms, meant to evoke the sensibilities of retro-2D platformer videogames such as Super Mario, MetroidVania, and Megaman. While it's dice mechanic is largely based on Lasers & Feelings, I imagine it as being like a puzzle-platformer, sort of combining "storygame" and "gamist" sensibilities.

Here's a commentable link if anyone wants to give it a look! I'm hoping to have it ready for publishing within the next week or so!

Also, I'm planning on running a playtest this weekend over discord and could use one or two more players, so if you're interested please let me know!