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Hi, I'm Max! I'm a Data Engineer in NYC, and I've been writing a worldbuilding / RPG blog for around a year now, Weird & Wonderful Worlds. I've been wanting to publish for a long time now but was always intimidated and never took the plunge, so I'm super appreciative of this jam. I think I've got a fun game planned that's on-track to publish soon, and I'm really excited to finally be able to say I've published a game, regardless of how it's received.

I was getting really frustrated with the fragmentation of the RPG community and these hostilities between storygames and OSR, and SWORDDREAM really appealed to me as being a place for fresh perspectives and a community for openness and positivity. I hope this all ends up going well and injects some much needed energy and diversity into the scene.

Incidentally, I relatively recently made an "Unofficial by design" subreddit for SWORDDREAM.  Right now it's a really small community, a place mainly for people to share their works, which is totally cool, but I hope it can become a place for respectful discussion as well.