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Moth-Light is definitely still in active development, though it will probably be a while till it is finished and turned into a full-sized book.

The good news is that the game itself is more playable and more unique, as a game, than it ever has been! If you haven’t checked it out in a while, definitely give the new rules a look.

The next update will be focusing on editing the games text and making it clearer and pleasant to read. Expect that sometime in the next few months!

I’m excited to hear more!

This actually isn’t me! Though I’m friendly with the Drakes and am sure they would be happy to share.

These files utilize Affinity Publisher!

So if you download the printable sheets in the demo section the last play sheet has various fields that are blank so you can customize them as needed. If you’d like a template for your own use I could possibly make one up.

PS I saw your comment on proofing and editing is one of the very last steps in creating a game which means, unfortunately people will have to put up with some bad grammar and inconsistencies for a while more.

Apologies. Sometimes I go a bit overboard with editing and wind up re-uploading the current version to fix a minor issue that isn’t deserving of a new version number. I’ll try to exhibit some self control.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your interest! I’m actually working on a content update right now that will include major edits, an overhaul of the stress system, an entirely new mechanic called Vision, and two additional pacts bringing the Google doc up to about 240 pages.

My goal is to get the game as close to edit ready as possible before crowdfunding as I’m the sole designer on this and it’s sort of my design baby.

I really want to see it get a proper print run at some point.

Expect a new edition very soon.

This is not a playbook for Blades in the Dark. This is a playbook for Band of Blades.

Books will be available in limited quantities soon.

For now, wing it. I'll have more formal guidance on this in the final draft.

I absolutely encourage you to do that! My only request would be that you offer attribution if any rules text you copy makes it into the final version of your game.

So I wouldn't recommend using the assets in anything you're going to sell, as some of them are ripped straight from the book! That said, with some replacement of fonts and visual assets, these templates area  great place to start in terms of layout.

That's good feedback! I'll make sure it's clear in the book text and look into ways to clarify it on the character sheet.

Oh this is definitely intentional irony on my part. Basically it implies this playbook lacks common sense. The Brand kind of fits the brash-acting hot-head trope.

The double irony is that, due to it being a trapping, players can leverage their lack of common sense to gain extra effect on rolls! Hope that clears things up. Sometimes you've gotta get creative to fit all those words on the character sheet.

So this is a classic table format some folks use in games that only use d6

Basically there are 36 choices (6x6 is 36) and to determine your selection you roll 2 six-sided dice and count them as digits. One in the tens place, the other in the ones.

Hi! I’d love to submit Cthulhu Deep Green, my game of conspiracy horror and work-life balance, to the bundle.

interesting idea! I’ll look into it!

It actually does mean equal to or higher. If you roll two sixes and one is the dark die, dark die is the highest value! The example quoted previously is meant to clarify that, though I can understand that there might be confusion.

In CDG stress and insight are raised when the dice are equal to or higher than the current value!

The illustrations for this and your other games are fantastic!

Love the aesthetic

Hi, Andrea! I haven’t forgotten about you. This latest update might address some of the thoughts you had posed to me. I’ll address the rest in an email ✨

While I can't offer a roll20 template at the moment (it takes a LOT of time and effort to make a good roll 20 template) I hope you will enjoy the new format for my google sheets, recently updated, found in the demo section. I'm also working on a template for the Role App, if that is of interest! (

For your perusal, here is a direct link to the Promise pact g-sheets:

Hi, Mansfield! Firstly, thank you so much for running the game! Know that I’m planning a big update shortly (before the end of the year, maybe even in the next week). 

In that time I’ll be updating the google sheets and looking into making sheets for the Role App, but I don’t have much experience making sheets for Roll 20. It’s ok my horizon but likely something that will happen closer to the Kickstarter unless an enterprising fan lends me a hand. I’ll ask around and see how plausible it would be to whip something together. ✨

Yes! I received your email. I’m currently in the middle of a rules revision and overhaul that may address some of your thoughts. Sorry for not getting back sooner ✨

I'll correct it! If anyone has editing comments, happy to receive them via my email (listed in the first few pages of the game doc and on my designer page).

Very ambitious and highly inventive, as indicated by its award for "most deserving of an award for innovation" award.


Yes! We've seen some older playbooks posted to the jam and I welcome them, as well, as I feel this jam page will serve partially as a reservoir for custom Blades content.

There are no HARD rules but I lay some of them out in my example template PDFs. MOST (but not all) playbooks have a Push ability, a special armor ability, and a ghost ability!

You’ve done a pretty good job of creating a special playbook given your supposed lack of experience with the system! I call it a “special” playbook because basic playbooks in Blades generally don’t have abilities that directly build off one another or that would apply only to that particular playbook. Remember that players from other playbooks can choose these abilities, too, by the rules and design them appropriately.

Oh and shock absorbers mentions prowl “checks” which are not a thing. Players only roll. I think I know what it is you mean but the wording seems strange when applied to Blades.

I've gone ahead and created a Band of Blades template for Affinity. Specifically these are for creating Specialists! Fans of the Legion may be interested in this development!

This is a cool niche! Would love to see it. I imagine their abilities would have a lot of upsides and a lot of downsides.

FYI I've upgraded this submission with a bunch of new templates and tutorials!

I would actually love to see a Vampire Hunter in the blades universe!

Made some adjustment based on the feedback! Thanks.

Ah, good point. I think I temporarily forgot it wasn’t a list of six like the entanglements are!

oh goodness someone JUST posted a link to this in their entry.

Alas I’ve never once used Scribus myself but I know someone would find that useful. I’ll ask around.

This is a really cool idea. I actually play around with this a little in an unreleased playbook but I might have to challenge myself to do a “special” playbook in this vein.