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It actually does mean equal to or higher. If you roll two sixes and one is the dark die, dark die is the highest value! The example quoted previously is meant to clarify that, though I can understand that there might be confusion.

In CDG stress and insight are raised when the dice are equal to or higher than the current value!

The illustrations for this and your other games are fantastic!

Love the aesthetic

Hi, Andrea! I haven’t forgotten about you. This latest update might address some of the thoughts you had posed to me. I’ll address the rest in an email ✨

While I can't offer a roll20 template at the moment (it takes a LOT of time and effort to make a good roll 20 template) I hope you will enjoy the new format for my google sheets, recently updated, found in the demo section. I'm also working on a template for the Role App, if that is of interest! (

For your perusal, here is a direct link to the Promise pact g-sheets:

Hi, Mansfield! Firstly, thank you so much for running the game! Know that I’m planning a big update shortly (before the end of the year, maybe even in the next week). 

In that time I’ll be updating the google sheets and looking into making sheets for the Role App, but I don’t have much experience making sheets for Roll 20. It’s ok my horizon but likely something that will happen closer to the Kickstarter unless an enterprising fan lends me a hand. I’ll ask around and see how plausible it would be to whip something together. ✨

Yes! I received your email. I’m currently in the middle of a rules revision and overhaul that may address some of your thoughts. Sorry for not getting back sooner ✨

I'll correct it! If anyone has editing comments, happy to receive them via my email (listed in the first few pages of the game doc and on my designer page).

Very ambitious and highly inventive, as indicated by its award for "most deserving of an award for innovation" award.


Yes! We've seen some older playbooks posted to the jam and I welcome them, as well, as I feel this jam page will serve partially as a reservoir for custom Blades content.

There are no HARD rules but I lay some of them out in my example template PDFs. MOST (but not all) playbooks have a Push ability, a special armor ability, and a ghost ability!

You’ve done a pretty good job of creating a special playbook given your supposed lack of experience with the system! I call it a “special” playbook because basic playbooks in Blades generally don’t have abilities that directly build off one another or that would apply only to that particular playbook. Remember that players from other playbooks can choose these abilities, too, by the rules and design them appropriately.

Oh and shock absorbers mentions prowl “checks” which are not a thing. Players only roll. I think I know what it is you mean but the wording seems strange when applied to Blades.

I've gone ahead and created a Band of Blades template for Affinity. Specifically these are for creating Specialists! Fans of the Legion may be interested in this development!

This is a cool niche! Would love to see it. I imagine their abilities would have a lot of upsides and a lot of downsides.

FYI I've upgraded this submission with a bunch of new templates and tutorials!

I would actually love to see a Vampire Hunter in the blades universe!

Made some adjustment based on the feedback! Thanks.

Ah, good point. I think I temporarily forgot it wasn’t a list of six like the entanglements are!

oh goodness someone JUST posted a link to this in their entry.

Alas I’ve never once used Scribus myself but I know someone would find that useful. I’ll ask around.

This is a really cool idea. I actually play around with this a little in an unreleased playbook but I might have to challenge myself to do a “special” playbook in this vein.

I like it and haven’t heard of this specific take! Have you thought of making it a “Special Playbook” ala the Ghost or Vampire?

I love this concept. The Double Dealer ability is especially good.

Feel free to workshop your playbooks with other participants here!

Ask for feedback on your creation, toss ideas around, or solicit help for art, etc.

Heya! Scoundrels is not just another word for thieves, it’s also the unofficial way to reference Playbooks in Blades. So if you meet that criteria, PLEASE submit your playbooks.

I’d also note that I’m pretty lenient with the theme, generally! 

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Hi, Andrea. First of all, thank you for making the extra effort to come here to itch.
To explain why I have it for free on DriveThru, my reasons are several.

1. This product uses assets from the Blades in the Dark book, by John Harper, without permission. Because of that it actually makes a difference that this version is available for free on itch, with the potential for tips, versus PWYW. Unfortunately there is no equivalent on DriveThru.

2. Even forgetting that issue, sadly, very few people actually pay for small PWYW products on DriveThru.

3. There has actually been a malicious user (even several?) on DriveThru low-rating free indy products on the site for whatever reason.

Anyhow, thank you again for your patronage, and know that I receive more money, and thus can charge less, for my paid products here on itch vs on DriveThru. 

I've uploaded a single and a spread version along with some minor updates to the format and text! Enjoy, and be on the lookout for The Linear Men:

Ah! Apologies. I’ll fix that later today ✨

Thank you for the review. I really appreciate it! 

And I’ll see what I can do to address those errors mentioned at the end! For those products where I’m basically a one man production crew it can be tough to catch them all ✨

Right!? You can find more art by the artist at

I think you’ve got the idea ;)

Thank you so much for this opportunity

Here are the products I’d like to submit.

Hah, alas it’s the one on DriveThru but I’ll take that suggestion to heart for any alt-cover runs ;)

I’d prefer stuff like this went directly to email, rather on the store page, but I’ll happily implement any corrections in the next update.

They might, though remember a player needn’t justify a failure due beyond the idea that it makes a roll more interesting.

Primarily they put a limit on how much violence an Agent can participate in. Each slot can only hold a single injury and a level three injury takes you out of the action without immediate treatment so they act to encourage players to seek more clever or non-violent ends to an operation. If you’re The Handler, don’t be afraid to threaten players with very serious injuries if they partake in violence.

As for the flashbacks: I’ve found them to be much more interesting in Playtest than the previous resource mechanic. They allow players to explore how they feel about horrific events on a personal level and flesh out their characters before they die horrible deaths, which makes the bad things that happen to them all that much more awful.

(and thanks for the typo, I’m currently editing this doc a bit to get ready for a potential print on demand version so I’m actively doing editing and revision of the docs over this next week!)

Correct on the previous version. It should now say 1. That you can activate an At Home scene by marking an Anchor in two places:

PS: I added a clarification to the character creation section under “Anchors.”

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The rule has been changed! It's a brief rule now, but an improved one:

PG. 14, At Home Scenes

"At home scenes are activated in one of two ways:

Once, after a mission.

Or when Agents mark an Anchor."

In a future revision I'll consider making a reference to this rule in the anchor section!