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Jack Harrison

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Hey! They’re actually available now, I just forgot to update the listing... thanks for asking!

I love most of what comes out of Ghostly International, and their playlists are great. Their 'At Work' playlist, in particular, is usually stellar for putting on while getting stuff done.

I really wanted to make it this year, but family stuff is going to get in the way again. Next year, maybe? It always looks like a good time.

To get in the spirit, maybe we could post some of our favourite media that deals with legacy?

Fiction, history, TV, films, games - whatever inspires you!

Here’s a few, off the top of my head:

  • The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
  • The Lifecycle of Software Objects, Ted Chiang
  • The Godfather Trilogy, Francis Ford Coppola / Mario Puzo
  • Moon, Duncan Jones
  • New Caprica, Battlestar Galactica
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Legacy Jam

A tabletop RPG jam exploring ideas of succession, consequence and time.

Submissions are open from June 1st to June 22nd. I'd really appreciate if you could give the description a read and point out anything I've missed!

Hey! I've just launched a new jam, Legacy Jam. It's going to run from 27th May to the 10th June. I'll make a separate thread too :) Community » Tabletop Gaming » Resources » Tools · Created a new topic Notion

Hey all, just thought I’d share this tool as it’s easily my favourite solution for designing & documenting TTRPGs.

It’s partly a text editor, but it also has a lot of great options for nested documents, links & lightweight databases. It also has good collaboration support. Plus it looks nice!

It’s free for personal use, though I found myself filling up the free tier with too many images at first. Worth a look, imo.

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This was a really informative read - thanks! It’s way too easy to sit on projects till the whole picture is ‘ready’. Usually that means I get hung up on a particular design challenge and the whole project dies. This is a good tool for breaking through that tendency!

I had my first opportunity to play this today - what a beautiful little game!

I found that it gave me just enough direction to uncap my creative flow, and I filled several journal pages over the course of an hour of play.

Thoroughly recommended.

Hey all! I'm Jack (he/him).

I've been playing TTRPGs for about 15 years, since my friend's dad introduced us to D&D (and proceeded to murder our characters with a carrion crawler...). These days, I play mainly PbtA games, with the occasional story game. My most treasured RPG possession is a copy of Fall of Magic - what a beautiful game!

I'm currently working on a design for a story game about a group of travellers exploring a fantastic city, with the help of a Guide (which players take turns playing as). It draws mechanical inspiration from Fall of Magic, but I also want it to be a tool for world-building. I'm hoping that people could use it as a prologue to a city-based campaign for another game! I'll definitely be sharing more soon as I'd love to hear your thoughts. I already found Takuma Okada's Alone in the Ancient City, which I'm excited to play soon.

I fit my design work around my full-time job (I work with maps!) and a 10-month old kid - i.e. I don't have much time for design 🙃