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If you think it might apply to you, then go for it! There are plenty available, it’s just about a broad intention to provide a bit of support to those whose lives mean that spending money on a game is otherwise a difficult choice.

Thanks! I didn’t realise was case sensitive. Should be fixed now! :)

Ha, I should really get a placeholder listing or something live, since the book mentions it! No worries for not finding the update buried away :)

Hey no problem! Drop me a message on Kickstarter & I’ll send you a key.

Nope! You need 3 players, I should make that clear as I currently say ‘up to 6!’

Thanks so much! Can’t wait till you see the finished product :)

Oh rad! I’m also working on an SRD at the moment so anyone can release a similar game to Artefact 😉

I’m saying July, though hoping it’ll be sooner than that. Depends on a bunch of stuff that’s out of my control.

Also you can still preorder here!

The reverse of the new layout, the big poster with all the tables on it, will be available. I’m not sure I’ll make the condensed rules available as it feels a little redundant.

A beak zine actually has 16 pages, 8 on each side. So it’s not so dramatic! The main difference is that the playbooks aren’t printed in the zine, instead you’ll print them out from the playkit (or use the digital files).


Look out for my upcoming nappy-based expansion! ;)

Oh, no problem! Thank you!

This is incredible! Do you mind if I share on Twitter?

Hey! The ‘archive’ content is from the first version of the game, before the Kickstarter back in February. Avoid it unless you’re curious!

You should download ARTEFACT (Printer Friendly).zip and print Artefact - Print Friendly.pdf. You could also print the two bonus content pieces in that zip, if you wanted (though neither are required to play!).

From the book, you’ll need the following to play:


  • An hour or two.
  • A quiet place to play, ideally one that can be darkened.
  • A journal, index cards or sheets of paper to write & draw on— or a fresh set of printed sheets from the playkit. (You could print this off if you wanted, but it’s not necessary! It’s in
  • Art materials and writing implements.
  • A way to play the soundtrack, available to download or to stream at THEARTEFACT.NOW.SH
  • A way to track time, if not using the soundtrack.

I hope that helps!

No! It’s just a weird output bug that I should probably fix at… some point :D

Cute! Share a pic when you’re done :)

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Hey! I think you asked for printer friendly copies of the bonus content too? It’s there now!

Hey! Should be there now :)

Hey! Should be there now :)

Hey! Should be there now :)

That’s a cool idea for an artefact that I never thought of! Maybe I’ll try and find a few hours to knock out a new playbook :)

In the meantime, some combination of the Shield and the Footwear would serve you well.

Hello! It’s intended to be just the opening paragraph about the creator - I should clarify in the book as I had a similar question last month!

The Artefact Questions are answered as part of the Keeper process :)

Hey! I love the original layout too, don’t sweat it 😉

All the original files (book, sheets, soundtrack) are zipped together into ‘The Artefact (old).zip’ for exactly this reason.

Cheers! J

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Thank YOU!

Thanks so much for your kind words! 😊


Hey! There’s a little note at the top about this which should give you all the info you need 😊

Wow thanks so much Jason, so kind of you to leave feedback like this!

I think there’s a button to rate the game on the game page (this page!), though it’s hidden on mobile.

I’m looking forward to the inevitable game jam that this spawns 😂

Thanks so much Nicolas! 😊

Hey, what do you mean by “can’t download”? If you were a Kickstarter backer (thanks!), you should have received a link to claim the game on If so the game (and files) should all be in your Library.

If not, drop me a message on Kickstarter with your email address and I’ll send you your link.

Should hopefully be sorted now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Should hopefully be sorted now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I love most of what comes out of Ghostly International, and their playlists are great. Their 'At Work' playlist, in particular, is usually stellar for putting on while getting stuff done.

I really wanted to make it this year, but family stuff is going to get in the way again. Next year, maybe? It always looks like a good time.

To get in the spirit, maybe we could post some of our favourite media that deals with legacy?

Fiction, history, TV, films, games - whatever inspires you!

Here’s a few, off the top of my head:

  • The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
  • The Lifecycle of Software Objects, Ted Chiang
  • The Godfather Trilogy, Francis Ford Coppola / Mario Puzo
  • Moon, Duncan Jones
  • New Caprica, Battlestar Galactica
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Legacy Jam

A tabletop RPG jam exploring ideas of succession, consequence and time.

Submissions are open from June 1st to June 22nd. I'd really appreciate if you could give the description a read and point out anything I've missed!

Hey! I've just launched a new jam, Legacy Jam. It's going to run from 27th May to the 10th June. I'll make a separate thread too :) Community » Tabletop Gaming » Resources » Tools · Created a new topic Notion

Hey all, just thought I’d share this tool as it’s easily my favourite solution for designing & documenting TTRPGs.

It’s partly a text editor, but it also has a lot of great options for nested documents, links & lightweight databases. It also has good collaboration support. Plus it looks nice!

It’s free for personal use, though I found myself filling up the free tier with too many images at first. Worth a look, imo.

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This was a really informative read - thanks! It’s way too easy to sit on projects till the whole picture is ‘ready’. Usually that means I get hung up on a particular design challenge and the whole project dies. This is a good tool for breaking through that tendency!