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Hello! You won’t have met any confidants at the start of Arrival, so there are none to add. However, because you placed a confidant on the top of each suit deck during setup, you’re guaranteed to draw 3-4 confidant cards as you draw cards in the volume. Hence, by the end of the volume, you will have met some!

Hello! Good question, here’s a passage from page 49 😊

If you have cards left in your volume deck at the end of a volume, return any confidant cards that you’ve previously met to your circle. Discard any other remaining cards, including confidant cards you haven’t met.

Hope that helps! J

That’s fair! I’ll update the page with the required materials :)

You’ll need at least 21 regular dice to fully experience the game, depending on how well you can stack them 😉

Hello! That’s rad, I’m so happy to see the game used for a good cause. Sorry I missed your stream announcement, I’m on my own with the kids this weekend so it’s been a bit full-on 😅 looking forward to watching the video!

Hey! Neither of those things are available yet, when they are they’ll be available for everyone—regardless of how the game was obtained :)

¡Gracias por la amable reseña!

Ooh yeah we could all do with a magic AC unit! Glad you’re having fun with the game 😊

Absolutely adore this comment! :)

Wow, thank you so much! What a lovely comment. The extra cards are there primarily to make replaying the game with a new character feel fresh and surprising, but you could definitely hack something together and keep writing! Good luck :)

Thanks so much! I had some clear goals in mind for this game and it’s really gratifying to hear people getting the kind of experiences I was hoping to create :)

Thanks so much Côme, I really appreciate your kind words :)

Thanks! I hope you get a chance to play it soon :)

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Hey! Glad you’re having a good time :)

Your skills are always the same—Power, Craft, Care and Lore (see page 15). Underneath those skills you add lessons (see page 19)—short summaries of an experience, typically a single sentence. For example:

  • I helped Farmer Benetto cure his orchard of blight.
  • I broke the curse on Gonville’s pigskin hat.
  • I stood up to Andrea’s bullies in the palace gardens.

You write a new lesson whenever instructed—most often at the end of a volume or after a successful dice stacking, but also in a number of other ways. You’ll always see it written as ‘Write a new lesson’. Hope that helps!

Hey! Glad you’re having fun so far :)

Skills are explained on page 15. Excerpted from the book:

Skills are broad categories covering physical, mental and emotional abilities. You’ll use them when your witch does something risky and you need to stack dice.

(the four skills are Power, Craft, Care and Lore)

We talk about lessons on page 19. Excerpted from the book:

As your witch grows over the year, they will improve their skills. We track this progress by writing lessons.

These are short summaries of an experience, typically a single sentence. For example:

  • I helped Farmer Benetto cure his orchard of blight.
  • I broke the curse on Gonville’s pigskin hat.
  • I stood up to Andrea’s bullies in the palace gardens.

When you write a new lesson, write it underneath the most relevant skill—usually the one your witch was using during the experience.

When you stack dice (pages 50-51), you’ll check how many lessons you have under the skill you’re using to determine how many dice you need to stack.

Hope that helps! J

If you do, you can search for ‘beak zine’ for lots of nice videos and gifs 😉

That one is only really for use if you have access to an A3 printer!

Hey! Don’t sweat it, keep the money or give it to another worthier cause if you like!

Hey! The volumes give shape to the story, so early on you’re asked questions about settling into the city while later you’re reflecting on your year.

You’d be better off playing through the volumes in their written order, but changing/ignoring/swapping the small number of seasonal details (usually about things like the weather) as you go.

Hey! I’m so glad you took a chance on something a little different :) It’s definitely designed to be replayed, so I hope you will return once or twice :)

(Also thanks!)

Oh yeah that should be on the list!

What a lovely comment! ☺️

Hey! Thanks for sharing, sound amaaaazing! I love it when the villains basically screw themselves—that’s certainly by design :)

I’d love a version of the online tools that included the cards, but nothing really worked as intended at the time. I keep looking for alternatives that might let me do the whole thing, though!

You can preorder the book version here:

The card version is no longer in print

No plans to release alternate versions at the moment!

aha, not officially no! If you have twitter I’d be happy to RT a message from you though if you want to try and organise something :)

Do you mean a way to play online with your friends? Or a place to find people to play with? :)

Unfortunately the way that Apple requires you to sign apps these days makes a port quite challenging!

Yep! Just figuring out reprints at the moment actually :)

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that! I don’t often hear about people playing the Descent games, so that’s really special!

I’m so glad it was a fun way to stay in contact with one another :)

Hey! Two things really: that the number of cards would be fewer per player, and that the premade playsets only have four player characters included. I’ve heard lots of people reporting having a great time with 5+ (even 8!!) players though :)

Thank you so much for sharing, what a treat 😍 glad you had a good time with it!

So great to hear you enjoyed it, I love that it’s gotten you writing again ;)

Thanks so much for your lovely feedback, great to hear you had a good time with it :)

Oooh thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to listen :)

Hey! Sorry I missed this. The pdf is formatted for printing, so hopefully you should be good! All the cards are the same size :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review, very glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

I’ll have a review of the epilogue questions as I redo the layout next year :)

Weird! They should all need a password, as detailed in the ‘playing online’ doc with the links. Miro is down for maintenance at the moment but I’ll check back next week and make sure it’s all working :)

Hey, I just updated some of the printable files to make them more printer-friendly :)

Hey! Where did you get a print copy? You should’ve gotten a digital code too. Drop me an email and I’ll sort you out (jack at mousehole dot press) 😊