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Randy Lubin (he / him)

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Hey all! I'm Randy Lubin and I design lightweight tabletop and larp games. My most recent larp published is Behind the Magic, a fantasy mockumentary where you play incompetent heroes on a quest to save the world (which they'll probably fail).

I'm super interested in short, simple larps that are welcoming to first time players and can pull more people into the hobby!

Hi all!

I'm Randy Lubin (@randylubin on Twitter) (he/him). I design lightweight tabletop RPGs and LARPs that mostly fall under the American Freeform category.

I'm most proud of:

  • Honor Bound - co-designed with Jason Morningstar, about toxic masculinity and honor culture through the lens of an old fashioned duel
  • Behind the Magic - a fantasy mocukmentary game about incompetent adventurers who are trying to save the world but probably going to fail

You can find my published games here on Itch and additional, playable drafts through my studio Diegetic Games.

I'm also designing serious games to help organizations explore the future and explain the present. More on that at my consulting firm Leveraged Play.

Looking forward to chatting with you all on the forum!


Hey – congrats on the game jam award! Send me your address if you'd like to receive the CIA board game prize:

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Hey Lari – congrats on the game jam award! Send me your address if you'd like to receive the CIA board game prize:

Hey all,

Thank you so much for participating in the jam – we loved reading all the games submitted!

We're excited to announce the winners:

More info in this Techdirt post.

Hope to see you next year for Gaming Like It's 1924!


If they were published in 1923, they're fair game!

Hey! Just make it print and play, we'll have multiple judges looking at the game files


Thanks for asking!

It looks like it's a simple reprint of the original, which isn't in the spirit of the jam. If it were adding to the original with commentary or had new art that you were using in your game it might be a different story.