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Upload not working

A topic by LoftyPursuits created Jan 26, 2022 Views: 80 Replies: 4
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My twitch game works great on my site

but whatever containerizing that itch does breaks the java, and the css. Do I need to host on this site to enter this contest, there seems to be no other way.


Looks like you got it working on itch!

In general though, it's okay to host it externally if necessary


Actually no, the CSS crashes on cell phones which it doesn't on my own site and there are several things that don't look quite right. I've got it working well enough. Try to get through the first few pages on a cell phone you'll discover the CSS but it will on the

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The game worked on my iPhone X. I'm not having any issues thereon.


When in the area you can move around with the arrows graphically. Is there a black background or is there moving grass? I tested it on a recent iPhone 2 days ago and I got a black background in the background animation is not showing.