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Hello! Apologies for this. It seems like only some of the Upgrade backers got access to the full version. Please reply with your email or send me an email at so I can get this fixed! Thank you for putting up with this for now

We’re good for now! Once the game design and testing phases are completed, our team will be assembling the game into a physical book!

I’m genuinely sorry for this. I had to change the date from the 14th to the 21st but accidentally sent the wrong, unedited email before my flight.

This is all on me, I apologize. Please bear with me for one more week as I get my immigration stuff sorted and finalize the edits to the update.

Keep an eye out! I’ll be releasing a huge chunk of the core rules this month

Yep! Currently, the ashcan is the only accessible part of the game and I have no plans to update it as of now. There will be more content coming soon with more versatile and robust character creation and combat systems.

If you have purchased the BASIC FORM tier and wish to upgrade to a SUPER FORM tier to access the full game when it comes out, I will be setting up another store page for that (seeing as doesn’t really support pledge changes).

you can choose between Ryder or Ally but there must always be at least one of each in a party of 2 or more players

Any game which letts me play kpop idols is a 6/5 stars in my books

Absolutely, that’s part of the plan in case you need a copy for digital referencing and such

So the fun part about itchfunding is that you can still buy the game after it’s over as it will be available on this very store page!

there’s no hard deadline to get the game

Nice!! We’ll aim to be finished with Lumen Ryder Core by fall or winter along with hopefully the Capitalites and Austen supplements!

itchio currently only allow payment via Paypal and Stripe, but both can be linked to a card!

YEP the funded supplements will definitely be available down the road. Hope you’re prepared bc we’re pulling out all the stops for Austen!

You could definitely pull those off with our Drama phases easily. The character creation process gives you a lot character traits and details to play with and you could honestly play a whole episode doing mundane, slice of life shit before getting deep into the tokusatsu absurdity

I fully took note of the fact that tokusatsu shows are always 60% soap opera before anything else

Nice! Let me know if you have questions before running it or if you need any kinda assistance - esp if you find any part of the beta ashcan rough to parse

ah jeez this is fucked in the best way possible

hey, no problem. Find me on twitter or email me at and I’ll buzz over a copy

Heyya! I’ve added 5 more copies to the pile


uhhh that collage tho fk

(just double checkin)

surprised I never encountered this sooner but now that I did I am in love



This is some next level art I stan

This is a gift

Can confirm, I designed my bit with heavy MB influences in mind

This is a perfect game

Sexuality is suuuuper complex so yeah!

It makes me so happy that you’re actually using it holy shit! Hope you’re finding it as meaningful as it is to me

I feel this is a game made from plenty of spite - which tbh makes it pretty amazing

5/5 stars

Greetings Amirul, the dice mechanic is a simple bet dice and who rolls higher and has the floor for the round of conversation.

If you’re looking for using as a theatre exercise with no fuzzy dice rolling to break up the flow, I’d recommend that you can drop the dice altogether and just use the Moves themselves to do pure improv which really is still at the heart of roleplaying.

fkin dope m8

I thought this was a shitpost at first, but then I read it and felt kinda sad and melancholic - like a sullen exploration of growing older and duller told through HUMAN & GARFIELD

Worth a read

Worth a play

Do not sleep on this I fucking love this so much

Hello! All the Babblegum Microgame collection games can be found on my page - mostly error free :).

I’m not distributing those anymore due to circumstance as well as the fact that a lot of the games have been updated/improved since then.

Glad you like it!

About your point about the contradicting stories, I’d say my take on it (death of the author and whatnot) is that your stories are SUPPOSED to contradict because memory and history is funky like that.

What is truth? What isn’t truth?! In the times I’ve ran it there was a certain satisfaction in how the players negotiated their contradicting memories and feelings - just like how real memories and feeling contradict.

Mayhaps I should make an update

thank you thank you thank you thank you 5/5 stars!!!!

Aaah this makes me so happy.

Feel free to download the updated version with my handle and distribute them freely!

If you have the means feel free to also send me whatever amount of dollars you wish for the game (it’s PWYW)!!!

(2 edits)

I’m game for offering a bunch of my stuff!

oh rly? ok that’s not too bad then I’ll check out some options

I’m not so sure on Revenge game just yet - most likely from the point of view from the pursuer but a cat/mouse thing would be interesting to explore.

I have, however, found an interesting/compelling way to execute the torture porn game which doesn’t devolve into meaningless violence so that’s the one that’ll most likely see the light of day.

Yo, I’ll be making around 2-3 submissions for the jam (ideally 3) based around different 3 different horror genres: body horror/torture porn (Martyrs, The Human Centipede, Tusk, The Guinea Pig Films), home invasion (Funny Games, Inside, Hush, The Strangers), and Asian Revenge thrillers (Oldboy, The Chaser, Lady Vengeance)

I’ll be going super loose with the system so that means no Jenga HA because blocks are expensive here in Malaysia I guess.