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Thank you so much!!! 

And you're welcome as well, I was not sure how people would react to this (seeing how raw it is).
After all, what's the difference between memory and fiction? 

A good afternoon to us all!

I'm Samuel Mui aka @babblegumsam (on Twitter and Instagram), a South Easy Asian RPG designer from Malaysia. Devoted Christian/Agnostic and Writing student.

I was first exposed to TTRPGS (specificially GURPS) from a webcomic called Irregular Webcomic and I officially joined the Malaysian community as a GM in 2016. I also organize local events for GMs to develop our skills.

I run mostly PbtA games and little else! My favourites include Monster of the Week, Kult Divinity Lost, and City of Mist.

My games focus around introspective explorations of the self and how we relate to others and crack-level psychedelic horror/nonsense. I'm currently working on a PbtA-hack called Magical B*tches, a game about psychics trying to save the world while battling their own flaws and emotions.

I've recently released a game called Word Wizardz forNora Blake's March of the Wizards 2k19 Game Jam. Check out other games there as well! A lot of great stuff.

Wouldn't we prefer something more sophisticated???

Like idk, Death of a Hero :/

As if my texting life wasn't already tumultuous enough.

Reading this hurts me in a good way.

It's pretty good but Magic Swords is better