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I'm Glides (they/them until further notice)

Mainly a player over the last couple years, but want to begin getting into design. Some homebrew for some established systems first, then maybe taking a stab at a system of my own and hoping to god it's not too similar to something that already exists.

What I've played: D&D (3.5 and 5E), Pathfinder/Starfinder, FATE, Dread, All Out of Bubblegum, Everyone Is John, Honey Heist so far. Not a lot of crunchy systems, most of them in one shots, running my very first 5E game currently and taking part in two 5E games and a Starfinder right now. Enjoyment of those are beginning to wear thin because it's very much the "greetings, brave adventurers!" kinda vibe, and that's beginning to not do it for me anymore. Nice enough people, but too many fantasy tropes for my liking for very long.

Looking to expand the kind of systems, and I want to try out something in the PBTA mold to begin with. Still relatively new to all of this. Currently designing my own PBTA type game with a friend, but not sure if it'll ever be done. It's mainly a fun thing right now.

Not really sure how to get more involved, if anyone's got any advice for a newbie in the game design thingie I'd love to hear about it.