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Hi, I'm Tyler, aka Zargo Games, aka Zargo (he/they). I've been designing homebrew tabletop content since high school (though I only started publishing in college) and have worked on homebrew stuff Star Wars Saga Edition, Pathfinder, D&D 5E, and Dungeon World. Now I'm largely focused on creating my own original games, and I'm working on a PbtA game inspired by Jurassic Park where you play as the security staff at a dinosaur park trying to stop everything from going to hell. I also designed a game for the March of the Wizards 2k19 jam called Wizard University Welcome Week!

I'm bi and have been exploring my gender identity and expression, so hopefully that's something I can work into my games in the future.

You can find me
on Twitter: @sorryjzargo
on Discord: sorryjzargo#6433