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Glad you enjoyed it! I don't usually get a chance to write this kind of content but it does provide me with a good sense of catharsis.

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Actually, just spoke to layout; I should have a finalized revision (with some fixes and the two pamphlet dungeons included) up possibly tonight!

Edit: New version with two dungeons in it is now up in the Downloads section.

It seems likely, yeah. Sorry.

There have been snags with layout revisions given the small size of the operation (i.e., just me and a friend of mine), most of which having to do with the price of housing in the cheaper areas of NYC and a data entry job that ended up being a very workplace violation filled factory job; among other more unpleasant things which makes free time for productivity hard to come by.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but if you do get it printed for yourself let me know how it turns out.

Glad you liked it! I'm always uncertain when it comes to adventure/module design, primarily because I enjoy making toolboxes.

Hey John,

There's been some traction; the new draft of the revision is finished and is currently in layout with Arielle. I should be able to get an update on this sometime this weekend (she's in one of my games), but as soon as I have it I'll put it in Lulu and submit it to DriveThruRPG; and provide coupons to all the purchasers so they can get it at cost alongside the new PDF version. 

That actually reminds me I need to update the purchase page with the new randomizers and features added to it. Sorry for all the delays! March was a weird month for us and life found a way of getting in the way, but I'm happy you're excited! 

- Brian


I'm Brian, I write a webcomic called The Sisters as well as an adventure table-top gaming blog called the Goatman's Goblet. I'm almost always open for collaboration, and can be contacted at BrianWriter#6900 on Discord. I recently published Rakehell, a KNAVE zine on here. I'm sort of an OSR of the newblood variety, kind of a 2016 onward individual via my blog. I've worked on the METATOY/LARA systems before making content for them; and I'm really getting into Troika. I like doing research projects and making big random generator tables. 

I also have a ton of artist contacts, in case anyone ever needs one of those for hire. 

Yes there is, once we finish polishing out some layout issues and maybe add a bit more to it. Until such a time, feel free to print it out on a service of your choice. 

I'll also try to figure out if I can do coupons for the printed version for anyone who bought the pdf, as it'll be done via DriveThruRPG.