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Hey All,

I'm Andrew C (@halflingcaravan on Twitter and all over the place) and I've been creating stuff for D&D3.5E, D&D5E, and working on my own RPG game system (Beta Maxx Engine which I've got cartridges for X, Death, -thulhu, and other concepts ready to go) as well as  card game projects like Lost Stories, The Other World Game, and in tinkering with a Gotcha Heist Game. 

I'm looking to do more Cooperative Game creation, teaming up with Artists, Editors, and other Writers. If you're looking for people to work with, I'm really wanting to get a diversity of people around me working on projects together because I think it makes for better games.

Edit: He/Him. Responds well to coffee, dark chocolate, cheesecake, debates, and randomness.