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The first part of our next project, codenamed Fireborn, is releasing at the end of September. Let's get you prepped and ready to drop!

Included in the Bundle are the following products:

  • Defending New Normandy [DD2]Take the role of Charlie Squad, a Special Operations Force tasked with infiltrating enemy territory and destroying a Demon Portal that is spewing nasty monsters into the city from the depths of hellish places. 
  • Modern Rules Package [DD1]In this package, you will find our methods of changing your typical fantasy game into something a little more gritty, more futuristic than fantastic. It is intended to be read alongside [DD2].
  • Competitive Combat [SR1]If you're more about fighting your friends than blowing up demon portals, check out this 4-page guide on how to do exactly that, without changing the rules! But how, you say? My Storyteller said that 5th Edition doesn't do that. You will be glad to know that in competitive play, the majority of rules stay the same. But in order to keep fights balanced, you have to maintain restrictions of character level, magic items, weapons and equipment to make it fair. Because of course a 10th Paladin will beat up a puny 3rd Wizard.

> View the bundle here <

The Dropships & Demons series is about changing your mentality towards the Tabletop Roleplaying Games, in that many of them can be used to weave a different setting and style of game than what is presented in the books. Just because the 5th Edition Guide sets the tone of a Fantasy game, doesn't mean you are forced to roll with it exactly like it's written.

Mix it up a little and start with Freecaster Fables' firearms supplement, Caplock Firearms, which is in pre-release right now while it goes through playtesting and revision. You can get it for free while we do this!

Check out our Patreon page by clicking the picture for a constant stream of goodies every month!


Far beneath the soil, a relic of a long forgotten age has been disturbed from its rest. The digging of curious Vermin has unearthed an ancient, cursed idol of despair and woe, known only as the Icon of Filth, and it’s guardian, a disgusting creature known as Glurgurgargor, the Host of Flies. Only a few people remain hidden behind the makeshift walls of Eagleford. In desperation, they turn to anyone that will listen, offering gold where they can spare it to any brave enough to seek out the source of the corruption. For many, their whole lives are here and unless the spread of decay can be halted, so to will they surely perish.

The Icon of Filth is a short sandbox adventure for a group of four to five characters of level 4, expected to span a few sessions. These characters are expected to be relatively new, without too many magic items under their belt. The Icon of Filth is intentionally written so that it can be slotted into a pre-exisiting campaign setting with little work on the GM’s part. If a GM wishes to tie it into the part of a greater narrative, they can find suggestions on how to do so in the Hooks section.

The download includes a full-colour print, a printer-friendly version and sets of maps with and without grids, to use in your chosen VTT software or to print on cardstock.

Hey! I’m Jase Robinson, Founder of Freecaster Fables & Forge - and of no relation to one of the most powerful Wizards of the Multiverse. It’s just a coincidence. With a team of writers and artists pumping out massive efforts, Freecaster Fables & Forge creates adventures, supplements and guides for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. I personally have some skills in writing and designing, and you’ll see some of my work there with the rest of the Fellowship’s. We have everyone from fantasy writers, to modern and scifi, to historical military, so soon enough there will be something for everyone.

My goal is to build a community comprised of every gear of the publishing production line, from concept creators and ideas-people, to artists, to sales and marketing. We're starting small and there's not much publicity yet, but we're all hopeful and working hard. 

Most of my projects are available as a pre-release to subscribers of my Patreon, which you can check out here.

We are also on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter if you'd like to follow us on any of those platforms, or at our official website.