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30 Days of Dropships & Demons

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The first part of our next project, codenamed Fireborn, is releasing at the end of September and we'd like to get you prepped and ready to drop!

The Dropships & Demons series is about changing your mentality towards the Tabletop Roleplaying Games, in that many of them can be used to weave a different setting and style of game than what is presented in the books. Just because the 5th Edition Guide sets the tone of a Fantasy game, doesn't mean you are forced to roll with it exactly like it's written.

Mix it up a little and start with Freecaster Fables' firearms supplement, Caplock Firearms, which is in pre-release right now while it goes through playtesting and revision. You can get it for free while we do this!

Includes the following items:

In this package you will find ways to change your typical fantasy game into something more futuristic.
Take the role of Spec-Ops Force Charlie Squad, tasked with infiltrating enemy territory and destroying a Demon Portal.
This rules package explains how to use the same rules you know to compete against your friends in tournament-style play.