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I'm sorry...At the time I made this game, I didn't have a linux or a mac machine to test on, and I have heard that it works for some people and not for others. I will try to revisit it in the future and bring it up to snuff as much as possible.

WASD to walk around. Left click to interact with object. Right click to zoom in.
I think that's pretty much it.

Very interesting (and nostalgic) experiment!

I absolutely love poetic, psychedelic dreamscapes, and this was right up my alley. I had an absolutely amazing, exciting, intense experience with this game. Loved the prose: evocative, and vaguely childlike, and so full of rich imagery! It was just, overall, an extremely effective and affecting work!

Thank you so much for your comment. It made my day. I'm so glad that you got something valuable out of it!

That was one of the most concisely powerful and affecting art-games I've played in the past few years. You've done so much with seemingly so little. Thank you for this experience.

Thank you! Sadly, the inscriptions are pretty much it. You can return to the bedroom from the menu, and the game just ends whenever you feel like quitting out of it. I'll probably have a clearer "path" and clearer destination in any similar games I make in the future.

This looks really great so far!

Yeah. It can be a bit pricey, especially at full cost (I managed to snag it o sale a while back). But those lists are pretty darn powerful.

This is really cool. I'd have no idea how to do something like that in GM.

Huh. Interesting and odd. The sound isn't supposed to be especially loud to begin with, but I am not a tech savvy enough person to instinctively understand why there'd be such a variance on different platforms. Sadly, I pretty much have to release the Mac/Linux versions of my unity games "as is" for now...I don't have the hardware to test them. Never owned a mac, and my Linux laptop bit the dust a few months before I made this. Hopefully, will find solutions in the future.

Sure. I don't see why not :)

These are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

This is a pretty open ended jam, so if you wanted to submit them as a jam entry, if only for a bit more visibility and access, I certainly wouldn't complain :) .

That sounds really cool!

I'm super glad to see that there are so many people interested in this (at least based on how many have joined so far). I figured it was about time we had a Tarot jam. It's a very rich vein to draw upon. Anyway, it's a two month long game jam, and there's no rule against starting early, so you have plenty of time to brainstorm, and plenty of time to change your mind.

The Tarot is a very interesting thing to explore from a game design angle. I feel like it's steeped in all sorts of occult lore these days, but it was originally invented for the purpose of playing games, and I know I'm finding it to be a cool platform to work with. My own current concept (although this may change) is a tabletop roleplaying/storytelling game that uses the Tarot to generate the game world and to resolve in-game actions/disputes, but one could come at it from many different directions. Definitely doesn't have to be a game that directly uses Tarot cards as part of its mechanics.

Anyway, if you do decide to make something for this, I'll be excited to hear about how things are going.

Thank you very much :). I really appreciate that!

That makes a lot of sense. Seems like a unity build problem other people are having as well. I think I should be able to confirm it (and hopefully find a work around for it), once I get home tonight. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for letting me know about this!

Thanks for letting me know. There is, in fact, supposed to be music/sound, yeah...I'm sad to find out that I guess this doesn't work on macs? Not sure how to troubleshoot or test that, unfortunately, without any kind of access to a mac computer. I am not sure about input smoothing, but I'll look into it for a future update (or possibly my next game). I'm not much of a programmer sadly. Am learning as I go along.

I'll be uploading an update tonight that should fix a different cursor issue (really only effects multi-screen setups, though) and lock the framerate to 60, which I think might improve the oversensitivity factor a bit (some folks with super awesome PC's and high-refresh Monitors have reported that things go super fast when the framerate gets very high, and that should hopefully fix that).

Anyways, thanks for the info! Really appreciate it. I'll definitely try to work out that music thing somehow. I was rather proud of my sound design for this game, simplistic though it is.

Just re-watched the Myst and Riven ones again...
Definitely a nice reminder of everything that I loved about these games, and everything that went into making them.
Now I'm ready to keep going :).