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Chris P Wolf

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I really want to play me some Troika! The writing is consistently awesome and hints at a world worth stepping into. 

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A lightweight sci-fi game, a tasty melange of old and new-school in the tradition of the big, sandboxy classics that you can get up and running quickly. 

It's a free PDF on DriveThru

I made Offworlders because I wanted a relatively traditional sci fi game that I could grab and be ready to play in 20 minutes, but that had enough meat for campaigns of a dozen or so sessions. I used World of Dungeons, by John Harper, as a framework. Offworlders has the graduated success mechanic of a PbtA game, but the simplicity, hackability, narrative open-endedness, and potentially fatal danger-level of old school games.

POD Available this week!

Hi! I'm Chris. I write a blog over at, most known for my Thursdays in Thracia series about old school D&D. I also wrote an OSR-adjacent sci fi game called Offworlders that people seem to be enjoying.

I'm excited to see what this space becomes!