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Cone Of Negative Energy

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yes! i have a patch ready to go as soon as rating is over


i would love to play this with a bigger window size like 640x640 or something. had a blast but my mouse kept slippin out of the window!

way into it, love a fishing game!

gorgeous use of the resolution restriction

was not expecting the cemetery!

excellent level design and really great controls, a really fun platformer!

ambitious and well executed!

the red tool is a seed, actually. i was planning to put farming some crops in the game to add to the soup as special ingredients but i couldn't get to it in time :-(

the sweetest ingredient is a Candy Corn, but it's a bit more rare to find than the others. there are other ingredients that add sweet, but not as much, and each ingredients both adds and subtracts from the balance. so a candy corn might add a lot of sweetness, but that cuts down the salty, etc.

to be honest i wasn't sure what was going on until i like relooked at the cover art for the game. loved it.

loved this so much, would love to see this with gamepad support!

27M is my highest!

this was extremely my kinda game. raft moved a bit fast, but enjoyed it a whole helluva lot!

simple and sweet!

background music in the overworld ruled.

haha yeah; solid chance you dug up something else at the same time and the axe was behind it. shovin' that into the bug pile to take care of, thanks!

top notch audio

way good work, loved the recruit mechanic

this was a blast

this was a blast and i was bummed when it was over

this one took me a second to catch on to how it played, but it was turbo radical. awesome premise.

this ruled; completely charmed by it!

hint, jack may have been a lumber jack...

this game rules; low rez parkour is not something i imagined 'd be playing for this jam

great use of space, color, and audio!

are these sounds able to be used for games, commercial or otherwise?



gottem ;-)

it very very much seems like patreon's biggest financial gap is that there are too many patrons pledging a dollar at a time to creators, like the folks who give 1 dollar a month to 35 creators are not as useful to them as 1 person who gives 35 dollars to a single creator. they hemorrhage fees and shit on those tiny patrons, which has severely limited their ability to make good on the 105m of invested venture and hobbles patreon by regulatory measures. in my opinion patreon will eventually make a move decidedly unfriendly to smaller creators and patrons. just something to look out for!

hey and hello y'all'ins. so this probably won't apply to most folks and a lot more just won't care and that's fine, but i thought i'd bring some attention to a recent SCOTUS ruling that has (or at least will) fundamentally changed the way copyright works in the states, which in turn likely means any other countries participating in the WIPO treaty and Berne conventions. to start, i'm not a lawyer and if you're dabblin' in the black legal arts and you can afford it, you should get a lawyer. you can also go to your local legal aid society for free/cheap help but they rarely do IP law stuffs, but its always worth a check.

at any rate, prior to march 4th basically all you had to do to own your IP is make the damn thing. that's still true, however, courtesy of Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Wall-Street.com you now must have registered your copyright with the libary of congress before you can commence a lawsuit against some n'er do well. not only must you have registered your copyright, the LOC must have processed the application. this is a game changer, because it contradicts the literature of the copyright act as well as prior SCOTUS rulings. it also means that there will be heavy pressure on the registrar as it takes some 8 to 10 months to process an application already; it'll go up.  Jordan Franklin has a pretty good opinion piece you can read here, and she IS a lawyer. her point about is statute of limitations is on point, which i think is extremely relevant to the sort of re-discover-ability that RPGs tend to have.

so that's something to watch out for! again, i am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but i keep up with IP law pretty hard because i do art/game stuffs for other people a lot and sometimes you gotta know some legal stuff. if anyone has any questions i can try to answer as best and non-legally binding as i can, or point you to a better resource.

thought process and abstraction cannot have a registered copyright (or patent, sorta), no, but you can still get sued for copying an idea. the legal idea is substantial similarity, and in the US (or countries part of the WIPO treaty) you can get sued for it, however rare. you can get literally sued for anything, and if you don't show up you lose automatically. what's more; the OGL is a trade agreement, a contract, and agreeing to it's terms supersedes on-the-street copyright code. so if you're using the OGL you agree to not do shit you would normally be able to otherwise, like how you cannot claim compatibility using proper nouns and are limited on the reproduction of procedure, etc. what WotC does and does not choose to enforce has no bearing on how it actually works.

hi and hello! i'm cecil howe; been working full time making rpgs and rpg stuffs for a few years now as an illustrator and writer.

could i get a link to any VODs of this?

thanks a bunch!

That would be something pretty dependent on play style which is unique from table to table. As far common language game terms are defined 'strategy' has a pretty clear meaning at the table and in computer games. Likewise, I can see some utility in calling D&D a dice game, but it is nothing like another dice game I love which is cee-lo.

I don't think these terms are very useful for a lot of stuff, and as far as tabletop adventuring and role playing games go most would fit into all these categories or none. I like where you are at with aggregation though!

Something to consider for the starter tags leafo is looking for is that you don't necessarily want or need pin-point accuracy. You want your categories to be very broad and you want the tags that leafo adds to the suggestions to be just a smidgen more accurate than that. It's advantageous to creators to use terms that are common language and it can hurt you to use terms that are known in hyper specific circles or to game designing communities. If we want to work with Itch.io to bring a wider tabletop audience to the store for tabletop stuffs then we should be concerned about choosing tag terms that are known to that wider audience and easily recognizable.

And also keep in mind that tags are not set in stone; there would be the suggested ones and you can enter your own as well.

From a pure like, google search usefulness standpoint changing the category to tabletop games is going to be the best change, yeah. I don't make LARPs or live action games. My understanding is they take up a small percentage of an already small market but have a massive overlap with tabletop communities.

yeah this is the good stuffs i am talking about. i don't think we need a completely new way to sell physical goods, just some more back end to make the process clearer. just a few tweaks to existing things to bend what exists to what we need.