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Olivia, she/her. I've made games for a long while now. I've got a number of indie games out there, and I've written a few million words for other companies.  The vast majority of my words in print came from the World of Darkness series of games, but I also did words for Leverage, Marvel Heroic, Dragon Age, Shadowrun, and other things. My wife and I collaborate on all our games. You can find a number of them here on itch. 

I also write novels, which are conveniently also on itch. The current game I'm working on is called #iHunt, and it's based on my biggest series of novels. It's about millennials hunting monsters in the gig economy. It's economic horror, where eviction is scarier than any vampire.  

I'm based out of Tokyo. My normal day job is as a narrative designer and writer for video game companies,  but as of right now I'm freelancing full-time.  


Your new project sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing your stuff!