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TBH? I think maybe the best way to go about it would be a sort of "dummy" product that acts as a folder. With its own name and header image. Clicking it would take you inside

I think I will try the column idea for now. Do you know if it extends to smaller format screens? I imagine it doesn't.

We currently have some physical games, some novels, and we're planning on some digital games in the future. As it stands, we've got a fairly big chunk of things to sort through if someone goes to our publisher page. We also have a lot of small products that all fit in a similar series despite being different types of products. 

Maybe it'd be nice if we could do custom categories on our publisher pages? So when someone goes to the publisher page, they would see "Novels," "Tabletop Games," or "Series Name" instead of a huge one-column list of unrelated products. 

Olivia, she/her. I've made games for a long while now. I've got a number of indie games out there, and I've written a few million words for other companies.  The vast majority of my words in print came from the World of Darkness series of games, but I also did words for Leverage, Marvel Heroic, Dragon Age, Shadowrun, and other things. My wife and I collaborate on all our games. You can find a number of them here on itch. 

I also write novels, which are conveniently also on itch. The current game I'm working on is called #iHunt, and it's based on my biggest series of novels. It's about millennials hunting monsters in the gig economy. It's economic horror, where eviction is scarier than any vampire.  

I'm based out of Tokyo. My normal day job is as a narrative designer and writer for video game companies,  but as of right now I'm freelancing full-time.