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How do I track physical purchases from Machine Age Productions?

A topic by James Davis Nicoll created May 26, 2021 Views: 358 Replies: 12
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I did ask but apparently that is not their department....


Sorry, we’re preparing for a big move, so we’re a little behind on shipments. Yours is PROBABLY in the batch we’re sending this week. I’ll check soon, but I’m knee deep in moving stuff so I haven’t been able to check.

No rush! I just wanted to know where I should set expectations.

Hello! I'll be moving too at the end of next month. Should I set the shipping to the new address while you're catching up on shipments, or should it be delivered before the end of August? I know the folks living at both addresses so the worst-case ending is an hour's drive if it's too early at the new place / too late at the old, so I'm not too pressed either way.


Actually that’s a good question! Drop me an email with a) your new address and b) the day you expect to move and I will coordinate.

Right now I’m waiting on a truck with all my stuff. So I don’t know when I’ll be doing shipments.

It's been over a hundred days since I paid for this and my emails no longer get answered. I'd like an ETA for my product, please, or a refund.

I came here to ask the same thing (with the same intent)!  Glad to know things aren't AWOL, just not being shipped by a soulless machine but by actual human beings with lives :)


No worries! Drop me a message at and I can check. But know it’s gonna be SUPER slow, because I’m moving cross-country this weekend and I have limited time and internet access.

I'm SO not rushed, I just never ordered a physical copy from itch before, so didn't know if I would get a notification or not.  I'd rather save y'all the stress and wait :D  

Just wanted to let you know I got it the other day and it's everything I wanted and more! I hope your move is going/went well!!


ooooooooo I’m so glad!!! 

Hey, I was just wondering if there has been any updates on the physical books arriving. I know y'all were waiting on the truck of them to arrive after the move.

Just wanted to reply to my comment here, that I have received the book. Thank you!