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I have been looking for something like this for a long time, so there might be a bit of a bias when I say that this is probably my favorite thing someone has written for Liminal Horror. Also, Evlyn has outdone herself with the art in this one. Some of my favorite pieces by her are in this document. 

I've been slowly watching this monstrosity of a game come into being for months. hbtm is beautifully grotesque. I've run it as a one shot and hope to run it more. 

Are there physical copies of this anywhere? It used to be out of stock on the website and now it isn't there at all.

Just wanted to reply to my comment here, that I have received the book. Thank you!

I'm glad that you like it! I've never seen Totally Spies but you are not the first person who has mentioned using this game for it :)

Hey, I was just wondering if there has been any updates on the physical books arriving. I know y'all were waiting on the truck of them to arrive after the move.

I ordered a physical copy of MMnMM from Exalted Funeral and it is by far one of the RPGs I've been most excited about in a long time. After I wrap up my current game I'm going to propose this as our next campaign. The system is simple but packed full of flavor. My metalhead brain wants to use this for a Brutal Legend inspired game. I wish I had more time this month or I would have tried to produce something for the jam going on.