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Point of Inspiration: the film Day Shift

A topic by paintedsamurai created Oct 06, 2022 Views: 157 Replies: 3
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Just recently saw the Jamie Fox/Snoop Dog film Day shift on netflix and immediately thought of IHunt.

The whole concept of day shift/night shift hunters (with night shift jobs paying more) and the hunters union would fit well in the ihunt setting.


Fun fact about that: We were in the process of pitching an #iHunt TV show to Netflix. We did multiple meetings and they expressed a lot of interest. But COVID caused problems with their pipeline. And they said they were going to go with a "similar idea" with more star power. 

that's unfortunate I think an i-hunt series would be awesome.


We're still trying! I'm not in a place to announce anything,  but we're shopping around a pilot and it's GOOD.