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I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you so much for the support! I hope you enjoy it.

Any time! I am always here for questions. Apologies for the delay.

Due to a delay in receiving my shipping supplies, and a local surge in covid, these just went in the mail this week. "Fulfilled" indicates that the zine has shipped. These are shipped standard letter mail, so no tracking number is included, but they should arrive in the next 2 weeks depending on your location. Don't hesitate to reach out if it hasn't arrived by May 9th. Thanks!!

Thank you so much. Hoping to have the proper pdf version and the two sequels up this week.

This game looks great. Just wondering if I am missing a file. There doesn't appear to be a folded component, I was expecting a paper fortune teller file as per your photo. Doesn't seem to be referenced in the rules at all.

Thanks! I haven't played Space Aces, but Lasers & Feelings is top notch!

I understand that for the zine compilation, you won't need the "credits" page from my submission "Teind of Alfheim", but the compilation will need to include the credit for the Dyson Logos map I used somewhere in it. It's free for personal/commercial use but requires attribution. Maybe on the index page it can be added?

Squid!! I like this one a lot.


I've been designing graphics in Gimp and then overlaying text in Scribus or openoffice.

The Squil was the first result of clicking on The Sticherer and it is amazing! I grabbed pink and blue sleeves today for when my printed copy arrives from Staples.

This thing is amazing!! Endless fun...

Great stuff!!

Me too. I've had a million ideas sitting around in limbo for decades, but something about Mork Borg got me over the threshold. It's led to me finishing an actual, complete solo RPG that I'm just polishing up for print-on-demand. The Mork Borg designers and community are fantastic and supportive.

My submission is coming soon. I would love to see a zine compilation. Have no concerns about income on this, the convenience of users getting to download the whole jam in one shot is well worth it.

So many great entries! Amazing work. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this jam.

Thanks Micah!!

Glad you like it! I really wanted to do the game and the music justice. I'm a musician as well, and a huge Carpenter fan, and your soundtrack is great. It was a real pleasure to edit the sound together for this.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Just bought a copy. Great work, looks amazing! Very inspiring.You have one typo , under 2d6 melting discoveries should be "then" but you have "them". 

In reality, the only thing you have achieved here is ensuring that I will never read or buy any of your games docdandy.

Played this tonight and it was great! Posted my journal here:

Highly recommended if you like dark folk-horror. Well done.

My artifact was a pair of Maritime Lockpick earrings. I wrote up a session report here:

Hi Folks!!

My name is Steve Barber, a.k.a. Reverend Uncle Bastard (he/him). I have been playing, GMing, and hacking at TTRPGs since the early 1980s. I am a huge fan of the weird and narrative portion of the hobby, The Quiet Year is one of my favourite games of all time. My creative output over the years has been primarily musical (from experimental noise to bluegrass), but recently I have been attempting to hone some of my RPG hacks and inventions with an eye to releasing them. Looking forward to being part of this growing community.