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So cool to see so many friends already here and more coming!

I'm Adam, he/him pronouns. I design and publish story games in Michigan, though planning a move to LA this summer to live with my partner in the sunlight. I'm also a touring musician in the band La Dispute, I kinda got started/inspired making music-related or adjacent games that turned into a much more broad thing but still have a lot of influence from 2000s emo and stoner metal music in the games I make now. 

For a while I was making postcard-sized microgames every month on my patreon, but I've fallen a bit off schedule lately thanks to ZineQuest on kickstarter and trying out some game jams on itch. I've also been reconciling lately with charging less-than-cost for those games and trying to find a solution that doesn't make me broke but keeps people happy. 

I'm a big fan of print and make nearly all my games available in physical form at, which is also a decent hub for new releases, character sheets, contact stuff, and social media likemy twitter @WCGameCo and more-active instagram @WorldChampGameCo


DC was recently on the RPG Design Friends podcast to discuss pricing, you might be interested to check it out!


haven't heard this particular conversation I'll have to dig in. while we've never talked, they were a big motivator in making me reconsider how things work and how I can shift my thinking on it!

"to live with my partner in the sunlight"

Choosing to expose yourself to natural light... wow, if that's not true love...